Sunday, April 29, 2007

Broken Hearts

So here’s the thing, no one really dies of a broken heart. I know it’s tough. You feel like you can’t breathe. Like something is literally pulling at you from the inside, squeezing your heart to the point that it makes it difficult to function.

Life is full of tests and obstacles. “Broken Hearts” are just one of them. Everyone at some point or another will feel the disappointment of being wrong about someone they thought would be around a lot longer than they were. Life goes on though. It has and it will and it will not stop for anyone.

So have a good cry. But then wipe off your tears, look out the window and smile. Know that you either keep walking or be left behind. And remember, at the end, we’re all leaving each other anyway!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Hello Again

I thought the Colts winning the Superbowl was the best way to go out.. and leave this blogging world in peace. Guess I just found something better than that win to bring me back. My new baby nephew!

My sister just delivered the first grandchild in our household. A beautiful little baby boy whom I fell in love with before he was even born.

So here are my updates:

* I finally did it and quit my old job
* I went to el 3omra again
* My beautiful nephew was born
* A dear friend came to Bahrain to visit :)
* I started my new job

So, all in all, things have been good al7mdl'Allah. I wonder if me taking a break from blogging had anything to do with my change of luck?! :) I'll come back for a while and test that theory.