Sunday, May 27, 2007

The Journey

Back in 1983-1984 I read some lyrics that stuck with me forever. The song is called "April 24, 1981" and it was written in honor of the singer, Rick Springfield's father who had passed away. Very short song with the following lyrics:

"I know all your life you wondered
About that step we all take alone
How far does the spirit travel on the journey
You must surely be near heaven
And it thrills me to the bone
To know Daddy knows the great unknown..."

This morning I woke up with those lyrics stuck in my head. Couldn't figure out why. It's been AGES! And then the phone rang at 7:30 to inform us that our neighbor had passed away.

She fought a battle against cancer for over 20 years. She was brave in her fight and never let it get to her. She had 5 sons to raise. I'm impressed and envious of how devout her and her husband were. Every dawn her husband would take their 5 sons and go to the mosque to pray Fajr. And no matter how many times the cancer came back, they fought it together just as hard.

This morning she will be laid to rest after a long battle. Allah Yer7amha.. o E9aber ahelha.

Monday, May 21, 2007


A bit long, but worth the read:

نزعل ونتكبّــر … وحنا من الطيـــن …

والكل منا صــــدّ.. لا أقبل خويّــه .!

نفخر .. نقول إنا على الصد قاوين …

وهــــيّ علينا في الحقيقـــــة قــــويه.!

نشفق على الطيبة و كسب الكريمين..

وهذي بنا ؟؟ لاشك فعــــلة رديـــــــــه .!

ننسى نهايتنا وعلى وين ماشيــــن ..

وننسى الزمان اللي جمعنا ســـــــويه .!

المشكلة ماهي بـ حاجة لــ تخمين …

ولاهي بعد ياناس صعبـــــة القضيـــه .!

دق الرقم : كيفك .. هلا فيك .. وأهليــن …

أنــا الخـــوي ….اللـي مـــــزعّــل خويــــه .!

قلّه : تغيب وصـــورتك داخل العين ..

ويبقــى لـ حبك في خفـــوقي بقيـــــــــــــــه .!

أخوان حنا … لو يجي بيننا شيــن …

و مانفتـــــــــــرق دام المحبـــــــة نديــــه .!

خلك قــوي لاتحتــــكرك الشياطين …

قبل الفوات .. وقبل وقت المنيــــــــــــــــه .!

كلّم خويــك بـــ اطيب الهرج واللين …

وأعرف جميل الهرج يمســــح رديـــــــه .!

هذي هي الدنيا … من الحين لـ الحين …

لابد بين الناس تحصــــــل خطيـــــــــه .!

ومن لايقدّر غلطــــة أحبابه الحيــن …

يقـــــرأ حـــــروفي ويعتبرها هــديه .!

باكر .. تمر سنين وسنين وسنيـــــن …

والــــــكل يرحـــــــل في الدروب المـــــديـه .!

صدقني تندم .. وأذكر حروفنا زين …

تندم على خلك إذا غاب ضيّـــــــــــــه .!

دنيا غريبــــة .. وأكثر الناس ماشين …

وكم صــــاحبٍ والله دفنته بــ يديــــــه

قال تعالى (فمن عفا وأصلح فأجره على الله)


* Source Unknown

Friday, May 11, 2007

Time: Friend or Foe?

When you're having fun, it flies away. Yet when you're hurting, it seems to help you heal. Time, depending on whether it's on your side or not, can either be your best friend.. or your worst enemy.


"Another turning point, a fork stuck in the road..
Time grabs you by the wrist, directs you where to go..
So make the best of this test,
and don't ask why..
It's not a question,
but a lesson learned in time"

-Green Day

Monday, May 07, 2007

Don't Drive in Colorado!

You know how they say that you shouldn't speed towards the end of the month because Police try to meet their quota then? Well, in Colorado, I would suggest you don't drive at all!

Police in Colorado have issued a '16 tickets per shift' quota! That's 2 tickets per hour. And, for those officers who don't meet the quota, they are questioned to find out why they have been 'slacking'.

Read the full report here.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Don't Look Back

There are times where deep down inside we refuse to give up on that one thing.. Refuse to walk away from that one person. We know it'll never work out but a part of us keeps messing up our rationality meter, distorting its equilibrium.

A part of us refuses to give up hope even though on the outside we make even ourselves believe we're long past that something. I realized last night that a part of me was holding on to a past that's best left there. I realized that while it was more part of my subconscious, it was still pulling me back to an extent and a weight I didn't need to carry.

So instead of me giving you advice to break free from it all, I'm going to do that myself. Here's to leaving the past, in the past!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Ready or Not

Here I come... KUWAIT ! :D

(ok so not this very second but this weekend!)