Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Leaving.. on a Jet Plane..


Adios amigos! I'm leaving tomorrow morning bthn Allah and should be back late Saturday night. Will try to take pics. Have fun. Be good!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Axis of Evil - Dubai (Part II)

soldout.jpgI am so disappointed! I can't believe how impossible Showtime Arabia and the Organizers have made it for people outside of Dubai to get tickets to the Axis of Evil Comedy Tour.

As explained in my previous post, tickets sold out on the first night. After many calls and inquiries, we were told that more shows will be added. Great.

So I sit and monitor their site (must've hit refresh a billion times!) and they finally announced that tickets will go on sale Monday 26/11 at 10 am in the MOE. I called and the lady told me that they're not placing the tickets on sale online. I have to get someone to personally go get the tickets and it's 2 tickets maximum per person!

After chasing down everyone I know in Dubai, one of my friends said she'll find a way to get the tickets today. Just got a call from her now saying that tickets are ONLY on sale for those who were wait-listed and who'd gotten an sms from Showtime. Whatever is left, will then go on sale tomorrow for the general public.

Seriously?! Why didn't anyone say there's a waiting list and why advertise it if it only concerns those who got the sms? I'm so annoyed by this, I've totally lost interest in going to see the show.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Once Upon a Long Ago..

Once upon a time, men and women got married and stayed together forever, through thick and thin. Nowadays, marriage has become nothing more than legalized dating in the sense that it's no longer permanent.. it's just a piece of paper, easily torn apart and easily replaced.

With the many changes to the way we live our lives today, 'ever after' has been replaced with 'for now'.

Call me a cynic if you will, but I don't believe in 'I love you so much, I would die without you!" You won't die without them and with time, you'll get over it. What I do believe in is mutual respect and decency. That will carry you a lot further than love ever will.

Saturday, November 24, 2007


This year, football - both professional and college - has been truly insane! This is why I love the game so much!

Tonight, unranked Arkansas just took out #1 LSU in triple OT! Arkansas went for a 2 point conversion that succeeded, while LSU attempted the same for the tie, but failed. With this upset, the field is wide open for both Missouri and Kansas to prove who wants it more. The big game is tomorrow and these two teams are old rivals. Should be a great one!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Yes..No.. Maybe!

How indecisive are you?

If your answer to that is 'very', then be careful. You could be driving your friends nuts! :) One of my friends is so indecisive, she questions everything to the extent of overkill. "Why do you think he said that? What do you think he's doing now? Shall I call him? Do you think she'll buy that car?"

Those questions (mind you, about people I don't even know!) are just a prelude to another set of questions about how she should act/behave. The frustrating part is, after all that, she ends up doing something completely different than whatever advice you've given her!

If you have problems deciding, just think it through in your head. Think of the pros and cons. Put yourself in the other person's shoe. At the end, most decisions, even if wrong, aren't fatal. With time, you'll get better at it!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Axis of Evil - Dubai

The Axis of Evil Comedy Tour will be in Dubai Nov 27 - 29. I got really excited as I should be in Dubai around that time. I checked online and the tickets were to go on sale in Dubai on Nov 20th and online starting Nov 21st.

As of 11 pm Bahrain time last night (midnight Dubai time) I sat myself in front of the net and started clicking and refreshing, waiting for the tickets to go on sale. Eventually around 2 am, I gave up and went to sleep. Throughout the night, I kept waking up up and checking, nothing.. nada!

This morning, I checked a few more times until I got a bad feeling about it. Called Dubai, and lo' and behold, SOLD OUT! They all sold out last night! I'm so upset that I never even had a chance! I was sooo looking forward to this.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


k800front.jpgHow did we ever function pre-"mobile phone era"? I know how we functioned pre-internet.. slowly! Mail used to take 2-4 weeks to get half way across the world and we had to go to the library to research information. Encyclopedia's played a big part of our life and we weren't as knowledgeable about the rest of the world and its events.

But without mobile phones, how did we ever manage to meet up somewhere? Now-a-days, we constantly use our mobile to figure out where the other person is, when they're arriving, and where we're meeting up. "Wainkom?" "3ind el food court.. yala ta3alay!"

Imagine your mobile taken away from you for a few days. Will you be able to function?

Monday, November 19, 2007


Those who know me, know that I've got this thing with takings pics of food when I eat out (or in!) Can't help it.. so here are a few:

dsc00940.JPG dsc00472.JPG dsc01051.JPG dsc00932.JPG dsc00920.JPG dsc00935.JPG dsc00937.JPG dsc00474.JPG dsc00380.JPG dsc01025.JPG

Sunday, November 18, 2007

The New 30

When I was younger, I looked at people in their 30's as "old".. of course, now that I'm one of 'those people', I think 30 is still young!

Granted, whatever age we're at, we usually think those younger than us are babies adn those older than us are dinosaurs. But, is it just me, or is "30" in this day and age younger than the "30" in the past?

Friday, November 16, 2007


- "Show off your imperfections..!"
- "Dating is like driving a cab; you've got to have ur lights on so guys know you're available." (* Glamour)
- "Life's too short to worry about things you can't change!"
- "Smile.. make them wonder what you're up to!"

Monday, November 05, 2007


patandcolts.jpgIndianapolis Colts faced the New England Patriots in a battle of the undefeated yesterday. They met in Indianapolis for the long awaited showdown.

The Colts put on a great performance. They handed the Patriots a lot of firsts this season (first interception for Brady in 176 passes, first time not to score in the first possession, first time to not score first and longest trailing time in a game.) The defense put a lot of pressure on the Patriots and ended the first half with a Colts lead, 13-7.

The Colts held on to the lead (20-10) up until the last 3 minutes of the game, when things completely turned around. The Patriots defense kicked it up, stopping the Colts' offense. Then Brady brought it home by scoring 2 touchdowns that took them to win the game, 24-20.

Although heartbroken at the Colts' lost, I am proud of the fact that they "brought it" to the game last night. They played with heart and while I expected them to get clobbered, they held their own for most of the game. I'm sure this is a lesson though, that they've got to hold on till the last whistle.

Although I royally hate Brady now, the Patriots and Colts have so far forced themselves to be the teams to watch this season. 8 more weeks till the playoffs.


* This is an interesting article, check it out! Click Here

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Home Sweet Home

I've been lazy since I got back from Dubai. Looks like I got bit by the tse tse bug again! Can't get enough sleep.

The business trip was a success overall. But enough about work..

Stayed at the Emirates Towers and it was nice. The never ending supply of Toblerone they offer was a nice bonus! I got upgraded to the "Chopard Floor", which is an all female floor made to 'pamper' women. I took some pics but too lazy to upload them now. Perhaps later.

Had dinner at Marina Walk Saturday night. The weather was gorgeous, view amazing, and atmosphere relaxing. Oh, and food was pretty good too. I also got to watch "The Kingdom". I really enjoyed the movie.. thought it was very well done!

All in all, a great trip. Planning on a repeat by month's end inshAllah.

So, anyone got a cure for this constant tired state I'm in these days?