Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Old is Gold

gold3.jpgThere's a negative stigma surrounding age and I honestly think it's overrated. I can understand in the past that age was a taboo because the style of life was very different. These days though, age is no longer an obstacle to anything (except some biological restrictions)!

So, I am here today to celebrate age and the finer things that come along with it. I won't speak on behalf of men, so from a woman's point of view:

* Less Tolerant: While that may seem like a negative thing, it's not. It's a blessing in disguise. No tolerance for stupidity, fake-ness, or pointless anything. Let's get down to business people.

* More Stable: We don't need anyone to reassure us of what we mean to them and how great we are. We are secure; we know our true worth and are comfortable with our flaws.

* Sense of Direction: We know where we are in life, what we want, and most importantly, what we don't want! We may not always know how to get there, but at least we have a direction in mind.

* Independent: We don't 'need' to be given things. We know how to get them ourselves. Of course, that said, it is still always nice to get stuff, so don't assume that we'll say no.

* No-Whining: We don't need to whine. We'll tell you how it is, straight up. We have no issues about being honest. It's up to you to decide what you want to do or not do about it.

The list goes on, but it's cold and this is as far as my brain can go at this point in time.

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