Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Say a Prayer

We experience many things in life.. some, leave a memory etched so deep within us that nothing could ever erase it. A memory so clear, you never really forget how you felt at that very moment, no matter how much time elapses. You can still feel that piece of your heart breaking, that tug at your soul, that salty bitter tear hidden at the corner of your eye.

One of the worst feelings in the world is seeing a loved one extremely ill, or on a hospital bed in pain. Worst yet, is when that loved one is either someone really young or really old. It makes you feel so helpless. You want to help, you want to make them feel better, you want to take your health and give it to them. Yet, the only thing within your power is a prayer.

May God bless our loved ones, watch over them, give them the strength to get over any weakness or illness, and keep them strong enough for us to hug them, love them, and cherish every moment with them.


Temetwir said...

ilahy ameen.. a7santay

MSB said...

temetwir: Ya Rab! even though the only thing we own is a prayer, that's still a mighty weapon.. khair inshAllah.

ZiZoTiMe said...

thanx 4 the post... My uncle is really ill and i hope u'll all pray for him (gha9ban 3alaikom) ;)
nice post and thanx again :)

MSB said...

welcome zizotime...7ayak Allah! :)

Allah Yashfee ur uncle inshAllah.. Hope he gets well soon.. ma 3laih shar.

ZiZoTiMe said...

allah e7ayeeeeeeeeeech
enshalah allah yesma3 menech o thanx ;)

Dr.Lost said...

ameeen :) wish there was no disease in the world.. but then id be unemployed ;p lol

Hussa-G said...

Ameen. Allah e7fethhom o ekhalehom 7agnah.

Thank God for having them.

MSB said...

zizotime: 7athreen

dr.lost: hmm... that's quite a dilemma now!

hussa-g: Allah Yesma3 minech inshAllah! :)

KJB said...

ِاللهم شافي وعافي كل مريض