Monday, April 03, 2006


You sit alone in a dark room, yet you hear my voice ringing in your ears. You turn on the tv and turn up the volume real high, yet your mind drifts and you remember words I said. Conversations we've had start running through your head. You go to sleep.. yet you dream of me.

You keep running, but you can't seem to get away. You can't escape me because you know what I mean to you. You can't get rid of me because you know that I am good for you. No matter how many times you curse me, how many times you try to get over me, I'm still here.

Why are you so mad at me? Why are you so annoyed by me? All I've done is support you and try to help you see what's right for you.

There was a time when you used to like listening to me.. when you felt challenged by me.. when you analyzed every word I said to you.

Do you remember those days? What happened to change all of that? You think I care? I only cared for you. You think I'll be upset? I was only upset for you. You think I'll go away? You can never get rid of me, no matter how hard you try.. not because I won't go away, but because one day, you'll realize, I was always a part of you.

your conscience


Temetwir said...

"PS: Don't believe everything you read in books, watch in movies, see in talk shows, and come across almost everywhere nowadays about the subconscious.
It is employed to bear all the blame of all the fucked up things you do when you don't listen to me."

Jewaira said...

Uncanny :)

MSB said...

temetwir: ee w'Allah! sa7 elsanek!!!

jewaira: welcome :)

Faith said...

ahh you hit so close to home...

w ma adraka mal conscious :/

Though I think, as long as we can still hear our conscious we should be okay. It's when your conscious is not there that you should be worried

loved the post :)

MSB said...

teslemeen faith :) & i agree.. the min we stop hearing it, is the min we should be VERY afraid!!

Tantalize said...

Yea I remember and continue to be aware of it.

Does it need you (us) though? Hmmm! That's tricky considering the rhetoric it seeks from the unconscious and subconscience as well.

June said...

Shazaaaam :D

I love the "double-entendres" (you know what I mean MSB).

In the words of Jimminy Cricket (of Pinocchio fame), "And always let your conscience be your guide!"

MSB said...

tantalize: if u meant to confuse me, u succeeded! :|

june: i love double deckers! hehehe ;)

fractal00 said...

You should know how to kick your conscious in the behind at some times :P