Friday, July 07, 2006


There are a lot of things in life that frustrate us. Many things that we sit there and complain about. Every now and then, though, it's good to take a step back and look at how good we have it compared to others. It's so easy to notice the bad, we don't take enough time to appreciate the small things in life. Like what? Let's start by going way back:

* Electricity!
* Air Conditioners (thank u thank u thank u)
* Cars
* Internet!! (how did we survive w/out it?)
* Cable (GO ITALY!)
* Airplanes
* Advancements made in the field of medicine

Too general? Ok, how about others who:

* Don't have enough money to know where they'll get their next meal from?
* Have abusive parents/spouses (girl raped and impregnated by her father, wife used as an ashtray for her husband, etc)
* Have lost loved ones or have loved ones who are really ill
* Have no family
* Have no home

Al7amd-l'Allah for everything we have. Thank God for our family, our friends, our health, the home we live in, and the food on our table.


Temetwir said...

ألف حمد وشكر لك يا رب

fractal00 said...

I hear you gurly, a lot of people who have it all are still not satisfied by what they have , for those people i say shame on you... They should have like a program where they let one rich/modertaley wealthy person spend a week with a needy person, that would really change their perspective.

I wish there was someway other than bayt al zakat to give money to for needy people cos i happened to know that bayt el zakat wants to spend 300,000 KD on it's 50th year anniversary, 300,000 KD that could feed a whole lot of deprived people you know.

DiiGMaa said...

sij il7imdilla 3ala kil 7aal..

very sweet post...

these are issues that make me strive to be a fighter and stronger person.. coz once you look at other ppls misfortuned then u realize you have it waaay better..

I hope one day when I am a little more established and settled I can help a little more..

allah ekather min amthalich ;**

MSB said...

temetwir: alf al7mdla min galb..

fractal: ppl spend too much time looking at what they dont have, instead of what they do have! (u just reminded me of the show 'Survival of the Richest'. similar concept, it helped open up the eyes of SOME of the rich ppl, but not all. not sure about the long term effects of that either. unless someone is convinced deep down, then it's just a temporary awareness situation before they go back to their normal life!)

diigmaa: hala beech! thanks.. Allah Ebarek feech o inshAllah u get to accomplish what u set out to!

ZiZoTiMe said...

tben eflos? :P

KaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaK ;) (kidding honey) ... Ma qa9artay o el ne3ma zawla so 7af'6ay 3alaiha ya ebnaity ;)

Samra said...

aham shay el AC! ;)

Sever said...

Actually, I always see good things in this life.

But also I see bad ones.
It hurts much more than good things please us.
I`m not right?

But usually I say - problems are not in others /things or people/, problems are in YOU.
I`m just a nervous crature. I blame myself for not enjoying this life often.

You know, dear MSB... I still can`t understand - it`s good that there are airplanes, or it`s bad...

MSB said...

zizo: ee yoba, abee eflos.. warray sefar!!! :P

samra: akeeeed!!!! :) (welcome to my blog!)

sever: bad things hurt, but when we measure them against what others are going thru, we should be thankful cuz it could always get worse. it's all in how we REACT to our problems that makes the difference.

hehe airplanes are good! what i meant by that part is that we should compare our lives today to those who lived in the past.. how they didnt have planes, they didnt have internet, they didnt have satellite/cable television! :) our lives are 'easier' than those who lived in the past. but u know what? i think they LIVED better than we did! :)

Bloo said...

wrting the list of thank u's objects, feelings, or humans.. always helps u to come back in peace with ur self. good advice.

No3iK said...

beautiful post, an important one.
we should always sit from time to time
and think of the things God blessed us with.
the fact that im typing, loking at the screen and thinking, is a blessing. we should be thankful for every little action we make every step .. everything :)
life is a gift.

MSB said...

vintage: welcome!! a lot to be thankful for, if we just open our eyes and see :)

no3ik: hala w'Allah! thanks.. i agree completely! al7mdl'Allah!!

Sever said...


I agree, we have more easy life.

I always say to mama: I could not live 2 hundreds years ago, I would be bored to death!
My mama always answers: I don`t think so, they lived well, may be even better than us.

Right :)

About airplanes:
if they did not exist, I (may be) would not be in what i`m now.

But that`s amusing :)

P.S. did you want Italia to win. Yes?

BitterSweet said...

Nice Post! Couldn't agree more. Alf hamd wa shukr lak ya Allah.

Dr.Lost said...

9ij il7amdlilah :) good post..except the part about italy :( i wanted Germany 2 win !! :'(

Faith said...

Allahuma leka al7imd wl shkr 3ala kel 7al, loved how this post started out light hearted, and really made you think by the end.

I wanted to add..that even though sometimes we want things badly and we think they would be great for us, they actually may not be..they may contain some sort of harm that we are oblivious to, so when God doesnt "give it" to us, it's not because of anything..but because He really is al-ra7eem, and Hes protecting us from something we don't know..and thats my falsfa for the day!

MSB said...

sever: well, argentina was my team... but from the final 2, yes.. i'm glad italy won :))

bittersweet: thanks.. al7mdl'Allah dayman o 3ala kil 7al..

dr.lost: mashkoor... bs for the 1st time, i dont agree with u.. i definitely didn't want germany to get anywhere close to the title! ma3laih, try to forget about the loss in dubai ;)

faith: :) teslemeen... and i agree 100% w/what u said.. that's why i always pray that God gives me what's best for me, instead of being specific in my request! :)