Sunday, July 02, 2006


The past few weeks have witnessed quite a bit of drama on the friendship front. I just honestly don't understand why females over analyze, take things personally, and then get upset/refuse to communicate. Seriously, take a chill pill, relax, stop thinking that everything is a personal attack, and just move on.

The good news is, I haven't allowed that drama to get to me; I've tried to pretty much ignore it and ride the wave. The bad news is, these World Cup games are stressing me out! Who has time for real life drama when the acting is performed so obviously on the field! :)

No more penalty shots please! My nerves can't handle it!


Temetwir said...

tell your friends that you were never meant to exist on this planet to make them feel loved or appreciated or that you owe them an explanation for what you say or how you act

likewise, tell yourself that this is the understanding of what friendship is

kalam elail yam7eeh el nahar = friendship

stabbing in the back is another issue, but i don't think you're like that so don't sweat it .. they'll get over whatever else may have happened, and if they don't .. fuck 'em, they'll get over it a bit later than i predicted heh

Sever said...

I don`t understand too!

We spoke about it before as I remember :)

Thanks God, I have normal friends

"Who has time for real life drama when the acting is performed so obviously on the field!"
say these words to female-friends!
hahah :)
You are right!
Last night I did not sleep as usual. Was nice... but can you imagine... I did not see Zidane`s goal! :-/
Went out for a few minutes.
Lucky me :)

MSB said...

temetwir: i agree w/what u said. in this case i didnt even do anything. it's just what a 'friend' THOUGHT i did. it's amusing how big of a deal was done about it & i honestly cant be bothered. my opinion, if u wanna be a baby about something that didnt even happen, go cry somewhere else. i've got no tissues for u.

sever: yes, this is the same person flipping out again. all i have to say, some ppl r there for the long run, others are to be recycled. it sounds heartless, but it's a fact! :) not everyone is meant to be in ur life forever!

4 more days of WC play left... my finger nails are very upset with me!!

Faith said...

msb...LOL i totally agree, i think my fate will be heart failure during penalty shots :D's so true how we tend to overanalyze everything, and make up our own stories in our head that are the furthest away from reality..drama queens really REALLY need to get a grip and move freakin onnnnnnn

ZiZoTiMe said...

Italy v.s France in the final

End of story :)

MSB said...

faith: :) a7la shay when ppl make up stories in their head and then BELIEVE the stories they made up to be the truth!

zizo: as long as it's either Italy or Portugal who win it, I'm fine!

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