Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Fallen in Love!

Once again I've fallen in love. It's been so long. You know how they always tell you that sometimes something is right there in front of your eyes, but you just don't see it? Well, it's true!

Right there in front of my eyes the whole time, but I've been too blind to see, too stubborn to notice or give in. I've ignored it forever, but last night, I couldn't resist anymore. The temptation was too great and I finally took the dive. Let me tell you, it was definitely worth it.

Sleep! I'm in love with sleep! I finally went to bed early last night and wow does it make a difference. Cold weather makes me want to hibernate!

* the sheep are just for YOU! (you know yourself, kharoofa!)


Fonzy said...

hehe wasnt the answer i was expecting. but i do agree with u, i love sleeping too but have not had the chance to see her lately :P

June said...

Mmmmm same. I sleep for hours and hours and I never get enough. No sleep when I get back tho, we'll be out all day :P

Delicately Realistic said...


MSB said...

fonzy: =) hey, falling in love with sleep is so much more beneficial than falling in love with a person! sleep doesnt give u hassle, headache nor heartache! ;)

u should definitely 'visit her' soon. she's worth it! ;)

june: can't wait for u to come back. yala ibser3a!!!! :* u take priority over sleep any day of the week and twice on sunday ;)

DR: la laaaaa... seriously?? laih meta hathee 7alatna????? =)

izzi said...

Lol MSB... be thankful you werent infront of me when you did that you are such a tease... I don't think i'm going to enjoy this winter at all, i think it feels too cold because we had one of the hottest summers... :( don't sleep more than eight hours though- you will mess up ur system.

Reem said...

hi there..
loool that's soo funny! at first i thought u were talking about a guy!
i agree, sleeping early has a great effect :)
i wish i can have sm decent sleep, but i cant :( too much studying and thinking..
enjoy ur early sleeping :D

Shopaholic Q8eya said...


and I thought I was about to cry my eyes out from your love story.
MSB, I don't like you no more.

Peony said...

i need some TLC from sleep too! shakli im gonna go take a nap now !!

MSB said...

izzi: hehehe :*

i wont sleep more than 8 hours! i'll just sleep for 2 days straight ;)

reem: guy? ya 7asra.. nope! ;) try to turn ur brain off and get some rest. the cold weather is definitely perfect sleep weather.

shopa: 7abibty i did that 3ashan i didnt want to make u cry! =)

thuman, min wain ayeeblech guy? inty yebeely o i'll gladly write u a post about one ;)

peony: enjoy ur nap.. sleep TLC is definitely recommended!! =)

Delicately Realistic said...

Lol 3ad ana radait 3ifast nomy, inshAllah i fix it tonight :>

Yazeed said...

loooooooool 3al post
oo loool 3al comments
shma3na ana fahamt-ha 3al 6ayer (must be from all that studying)

nothing beats sleeping early and waking up early all refreshed and all
keep it up!

ZiZoTiMe said...

Ay shy!! This is my lover... Stay away!

Missy said...

hahah 3ayal itha this kind of love .. i've fallen i love with sleep since i was a babyborn! :p

my mom says that i used to sleep for straight 12 hours LOLLLLLL .. and she had to come and check my heart beats so that she knows i was still alive! hehe :$

MSB said...

DR: ashwa.. akheeran there's a difference! ;)

yazeed: trying my best.. altho for some reason, unknown to me, ams was difficult shway..

zizo: wakher zain! tara i can hurt u! :@

missy: hahaha 3ayal raya7tee umich when u were younger! Allah Esa3ed 3eyalech in the future.. akhaf etnameen o tensainhom?! ;)

Anonymous said...

U made me happy...i believed u r in love....but sleeping!...nah i hate sleeping...

kharoofa said...


Sever said...

I adore to sleep!
But in the daylight only.
The night is too nice for wasting time on this...

Sleep well my friend :)

MSB said...

maze: sorry to disappoint you... but sleep IS good!! :P

kharoofa: ;)

sever: i SO agree with you!!! now someone should tell my boss.