Saturday, December 09, 2006


"You're either part of a team or you play alone the rest of your life."


Bella Color said...

There is no 'i' in team ;)

Well said... :)

Yazeed said...

loooooooool i hope that doesnt mean what i think it means!

Dr.Lost said...

ya 7arakaaaaaaaaaat :))

June said...

Us being Geminis, we are peoples' people (?) and quite team-oriented, yet sufficiently detached, self-reliant and resourceful. We so kick ass.

MSB said...

bella: no there isn't! thanks.. ;)

yazeed: depends on what u think it means =D if it is what i think u think, then no ;)

doc: ;)

june: well said! nothing more for me to add! :* and yes, we SO do!

Anonymous said...

team pls.


abujoori said...

Sometimes might be better to play alone! specially if you are playing with the worst team in your last course in DePaul MBA!!!

Missy said...

but sometimes it's better to play alone :)

"it's better to be alone, than being with someone and feeling lonely"

Anonymous said...

well i prefer alone....i think all pisces are like that....:P

MSB said...

izzi: Allah Ya36eech inshAllah ;)

abujoori: ouch! u cracked me up.. reminded me of the good ol' days. ashwa my team was GREAT and we aced that class! think positive, it's almost over!! (u shoulda stayed w/our batch!)

missy: i agree 1000000000% (can u plz explain this to my mom who think i'm just being overly picky?!) ;)

maze: oh really? well, that explains a lot =)