Friday, January 05, 2007


Guide to Phone Etiquette:

* If you call me and I don't answer, don't keep calling me unless it's an emergency. I will see the 1st missed call, just as good as I'll see the 50th. So stop miss calling me. It won't make me any less busy or any more available!

* If you've miss called me a million times and left me a million sms messages.. and I still haven't responded... GET THE HINT!

* If you call me and I'm on the other line, stop calling every 5 seconds. I saw that you're trying to call and as soon as I'm done, I'll call you.

* If you whine every time I call you about how long it's been since my last call, it'll just make the time gap even longer before my next one!

* If I ask you something via sms please respond via sms - don't call instead. If I was able to talk to you, I would've called to begin with.

* If you have a quick question and I didn't answer your call, just sms me. It's easier for me to reply with a quick sms instead of having a long conversation while I'm at work.

* When you call and I sound busy, I probably am.. so get to the point.


error said...

So that applies for kuwait too?

LuLu said...

I like this.. write more!

EniGma said...

Thank you! Now if only everyone would read this!

Sever said...

So truuuuuuue... Especially I agree about smsing... dont call me pls! :)

Delicately Realistic said...

Guilty as charged :)

Dr.Lost said...

loooooooool tell me about it !!

what pisses me off the most is when someone msgs me 30 msgs a day and im f****** on call ! they think im playin in the freakin hospital or just lying around doin nuthin??!!

MSB said...

error: yes, it's international =)

lulu: oh i'm sure i can come up w/a lot more! ;)

enigma: i'm glad others feel my pain!

sever: hehehe isn't it frustrating?

DR: el3alam kileh ekoon guilty, ma3ada intee ya DR :*

doc: wil 7al?

i didn't realize that so many others suffered from the same problem. glad to see i'm not the only one out there!

Peony said...

so true ! esp when they reply to an sms by a phone call.. seriously, i might be in an akward situation, just sms me back!

Missy said...

* If you call me and I'm on the other line, stop calling every 5 seconds. I saw that you're trying to call and as soon as I'm done, I'll call you.

hal 7araka annoys me! -_-

i like this post eheh :D

Anonymous said...

Ohhh la la la wasn't me!

tooners said...

when ppl do this to me, then i purposely don't call them for a while. i can't stand ppl who are so controlling and such, and think you have nothing better to do than speak to them.

good list.

ZiZoTiMe said...

Ok i won't call u again :P

Ali said...

i love your post man

Hitman1 said...

Damn!! if only I can tell you how many times I told people these exact words.

I specially get annoyed with the multiple missed calls!! you idiot, stop calling.

izzi said...

LOL! never seen this side in you before...

Loura said...

I loved ur post.. loool.
But i think a call is easier than typin a sms :/

MiYaFuSHi said...

Well said!!

However, I do call back instead of sms, due to the answer being too long or me too busy to type it all out. \or if i am driving etc.

No3iK said...

i need to copy paste and print it on busines cards and just give it to ppl i know!!

thanks u :**** ive always wanted to say this, but didnt know how to simplify it hehehehe

smart list !

Missy said...

I tagged you. :)
check my blog.

..G.. said...

Hahhaha great post!

as the saying goes.. 'You've preached the converted!'

ugh thankgod my phone has an auto sms response telling people that I'm simply Busy especially when i'm at work! it works wonders and shuts the hell from annoying people.

MSB said...

peony: exactly!! please spread the word so we dont have to deal with this! :)

missy: ufff ineh it's annoying when they do that! u can't even concentrate on the call you're on! thanx :)

maze: are you sure??

tooners: ahh i've done that before.. even if they don't 'learn the lesson', i at least feel better knowing i ignored them for a bit..

zizo: you are the exception... you can do whatever u want! :)

ali: thanks :)

hitman: uff ineh it's annoying!

izzi: hehe i'm a gemini.. i've got many sides.

loura: thanks.. ok, i agree to a point.. there are SOME situations where a call is justified.. SOME!

miyafushi: thanks.. as i said to loura, there are certain situations where it's justified.. =)

no3ik: arjoooooooooooch do it! spread the word... oh, o 7athreen lech! ;)

missy: uh-oh! i'll check it out in a bit! :/

..g..: thanx :) interesting.. what kind of phone do you have??

Zed said...

i have something to add to the list.

- if i am calling you, pick up, no matter what time it is, cause my needs are more important than yours, and i'm probably calling for a reason. lol

MSB said...

yazeed: yeah? even if the other person is asleep and DOESNT hear the fone ringing a million times?


15/09 said...

i hate those who call when am sleeping, they ask are u sleeping?

..G.. said...

Well i changed it just recently and my new phone doesn't have this feature :(

The phone was the Sony Ericsson P990i :) I think most Sony Ericsson's have it ;)

trust me its a great thing.

Fonzy said...

i say change ur number :P

ZiZoTiMe said...


Anyways u can't reach 100 comments so start thinking of a new post :P

MSB said...

15/09: ahhh.. or even better, when someone walks in ur room, taps u on the shoulder and says 'you sleeping??':/ umm, NOT ANYMORE!! :)

..g..: hmm, i'm an ericsson person.. didn't notice that function.. i'll check!

fonzy: tried that once.. it works for a while and then we're back at square 1 !

zizo: kilen yara el nas ib 3ain 6ab3ah! :P thuman, if i know u, since u came and left a comment, that means u just wrote a new post! gonna go check ur blog al7een... sij innek 3ayyar! :P

Anonymous said...

so true :) i liked it!
Can i keep a copy of this with me plz! I need it sooooo bad!

MSB said...

mitsuki: by all means! make copies and pass 'em around.. the quicker people get this, the happier we'll be! :D