Saturday, January 20, 2007


"إياك و ظلم من لا يجد عليك ناصر إلا الله عز و جل"


Missy said...

et3rfeen when someone yethlemich.. just say "7esbii allah w n3m el wakeel" o choofee she9eer feeh.

lol seriouslyyyyy! :|

..G.. said...

alla ya7fi'9ch ou ya7fi'9 kil muslim 3an kil '9alim, gooly ameen..

ZiZoTiMe said...

Meta sawaitlech shy ana?! :P

June said...

I love this.

3a'6am Allah ajrech, today is the first day of Muharram (but I'm sure you already know that).

Hitman1 said...

wow... that's a strong statement!!

Sever said...

What what? (looking uncomprehending)

MSB said...

missy: exactly.. that's what i normally do..

g: ya Rab, Ameen!

zizo: :P u of all people should've immediately picked up on this.. think of 'when' this was written!

june: yeah, me too! Ajerna o ajerkom.. yes of course I know.. hence, the post ;)

hitman: very..

sever: hmmm... it's tough to translate cuz it's such a strong statement.. but it basically means that you should beware of "harming" someone who can only resort to God as his savior. not sure if that makes sense in english! :/

DeemTheWhiteRose said...

Ya maaaamaaaa u scared me :$ leeeeesh?????????????

Sever said...

It makes!

& it says something else:
it's time to learn Arabic already!


Delicately Realistic said...

Wallaaaaah basik o many mt7achya...and ill leave it until we're both online at the same time!

Shopaholic Q8eya said...

new post please...miss you ;*

MSB said...

deem: :* we all need a reminder

sever: yes it is! :)

DR: hehehe i've stopped being surprised when this happens! :*

shopa: inshAllah.. soon.. i've just been out of it! :* miss u too!