Monday, June 25, 2007

Those Were the Days..

Over the past month, people from my past have suddenly resurfaced, thanks to technology. I've come into contact with people who graduated with me from high-school and it's been GREAT catching up with them. It's interesting because when you meet people from your life back then, it forces you to think back and remember what you were like.

I'm such a different person now. Some people I was friends with then, I would never be friends with today. People I never gave a chance in high-school, I'd love the opportunity to get to know them better now.

This forced look at the past makes us realize how what we've gone through in life has shaped us into the person we are. Had we not made those mistakes along the way, we would not be the person we are now. Our life, our personality, our outlook is nothing more than the sum of all we've gone through up until this moment.

So much has changed.. and so much more will. I wonder what I will say one day when I look back at the MSB I am today!

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