Sunday, June 03, 2007

How Old?!

Although my birthday is tomorrow, June 4th, I have decided to start the celebrations now.. indefinitely! ;)

Age is a funny thing. I was so depressed when I turned 20 cuz I was no longer in my 'teens'. I kept saying that I was 'Twenteen'! Then 25 hit and that was horrible. Quarter of a century old. Yekh! 27-28 were blah years. 29 numb. 30, surprisingly, was amazing! I was no longer the oldest of the 20's. Overnight I became the youngest of the 30's!

Now, 34 has arrived. I must say, I don't recall anything after 30!

Enjoy the cake..

cakered.jpg cakechoc.jpg cakelayers.jpg

1 comment:

No3iK said...

wow 34 really! thats amazing al 3mr killla inshallah 7abebty