Sunday, December 09, 2007



I think it's finally time to write a post, totally dedicated to you! Here's to a 15 year friendship and to the highlights during that time period:

* Thinking I was a 'rich Arab wench!' :@
* Yelling at me every time I used a 'bad word'
* Rushing to my rescue with Sudafed! :)
* Correcting my English, even though it was proper British English
* Me correcting your spelling!
* Scooter.. bad hand/eye/brain coordination.. corn field! Nuff said!
* Saving me and my car during the snow
* Breaking your roommate's bed by BOUNCING on it!
* frosted cookies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yum
* Thinking I don't know that you've been reading my blog! :) (Thank you SBC)
* Purdue/Michigan State game, 50 yard line, freezing cold, Purdue down by 11 with 2 mins left, yet coming back to win it
* "I'm a Basketball God!!" "White men can't jump!!"
* Diving in the dumpster, head first, to save my magazines (which you threw in there to begin with!)
* Green Jello and Chocolate Milk!
* "I'll graduate first" "Yeah but I'll make more money than you!"
* "Send $$"
* Basement.. Pin Ball Machine.. Drum set.. Huge Screen TV!
* The best Christmas and Birthday presents I've ever gotten
* Friday nights sitting under the stairs in the dorms, waiting for the drunks to come "rolling" in
* Breaking the news to me in Mar/Apr 1999, thinking I'd be disappointed. Whereas the truth is, I'm very proud of you for making the toughest decision in your life. You owned up to it, regardless of the consequences!
* A freakishly loud camera during your wedding!

The list goes on and on. I can never do 15 years justice in one post. One thing I do know is, family isn't just those who share our DNA. Although we don't communicate that often, I am thankful for having you in my life. You've been a great brother.

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