Sunday, April 20, 2008

Are You in Denial?

A few weeks ago I bumped into an old schoolmate I hadn't seen in ages. Stopped to say hello and how long it's been when she told me, "I know all about you!!" That caught me off guard.

Her: "You have a blog, don't you?"
Me: "No!"

I have no idea why I said no! It was an automatic and instant response.

She then explained how she came to that conclusion, all of which made perfect sense! But by then, I felt stupid. I couldn't go back and say, "Yeah, it's me. I lied." I had to continue denying it, all the while thinking "why?!" It's not like I write about anything personal or about anything I would mind others knowing about.

So, this goes out to you, if you're reading. Yes, it's me! And yes, everything you said and your conclusions were right on! :)

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