Thursday, March 30, 2006

Feel Good

Since I whined in my last post, I thought I'd go in the opposite direction now.

Want to know what one of the best feelings for me right now is?? Completely dark room.. the soft buzz of the air conditioner in the background.. cold room... tired eyes... laying down in the comfy bed, head sunk deep on the soft pillow... comforter pulled up tight around me.... eye lids getting heavier.. and heavier... until i fall off into deep sleep. Those last few moments as you float into the land of dreams are absolute bliss!!

*™ T.P.


Temetwir said...

cant relate

good to know though

KJB said...

God! I feel like sleeping now. It's been quite a long time since i've slept in an air conditioned room :p :) (with the exceptions of a few nights in a hotel during break)

MSB said...

temetwir: dont worry.. i only get to experience this once a week.. thursday nights only! & the best thing is being able to sleep in and not have the alarm clock disturb me!!

kjb: :) well, that will be over in 2 months inshAllah.. then it'll be rare that u sleep in a room that's NOT air conditioned! :)

Jewaira said...

Feelings are wonderfully described and I can easily identify with them :)

MSB said...

jewaira: thanx... how i wish i can have this luxury more often than i do! ;)

Baroque said...

is this ur room?
its amazing!

MSB said...

baroque: if that was my room, i'd never make it out of the house.. chan zain! :) la, it's a hotel in dubai... i loooooooooove their rooms!!!

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