Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Axis of Evil - Dubai

The Axis of Evil Comedy Tour will be in Dubai Nov 27 - 29. I got really excited as I should be in Dubai around that time. I checked online and the tickets were to go on sale in Dubai on Nov 20th and online starting Nov 21st.

As of 11 pm Bahrain time last night (midnight Dubai time) I sat myself in front of the net and started clicking and refreshing, waiting for the tickets to go on sale. Eventually around 2 am, I gave up and went to sleep. Throughout the night, I kept waking up up and checking, nothing.. nada!

This morning, I checked a few more times until I got a bad feeling about it. Called Dubai, and lo' and behold, SOLD OUT! They all sold out last night! I'm so upset that I never even had a chance! I was sooo looking forward to this.

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