Monday, November 26, 2007

Axis of Evil - Dubai (Part II)

soldout.jpgI am so disappointed! I can't believe how impossible Showtime Arabia and the Organizers have made it for people outside of Dubai to get tickets to the Axis of Evil Comedy Tour.

As explained in my previous post, tickets sold out on the first night. After many calls and inquiries, we were told that more shows will be added. Great.

So I sit and monitor their site (must've hit refresh a billion times!) and they finally announced that tickets will go on sale Monday 26/11 at 10 am in the MOE. I called and the lady told me that they're not placing the tickets on sale online. I have to get someone to personally go get the tickets and it's 2 tickets maximum per person!

After chasing down everyone I know in Dubai, one of my friends said she'll find a way to get the tickets today. Just got a call from her now saying that tickets are ONLY on sale for those who were wait-listed and who'd gotten an sms from Showtime. Whatever is left, will then go on sale tomorrow for the general public.

Seriously?! Why didn't anyone say there's a waiting list and why advertise it if it only concerns those who got the sms? I'm so annoyed by this, I've totally lost interest in going to see the show.

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