Monday, October 10, 2005

Tabula Rasa

With time, you begin to realize that life is just way too short to waste on the wrong things and the wrong people. I guess at some point my tolerance level has gone way down. Why should I waste time on people who don't truly value me or appreciate what I have to offer?

Well, dear friends, it's time for a fresh new start. We all need to get it through our heads that we can't change people unless they want to be changed. So, when the signs are as clear as day, listen to what they're telling you. Stop being stubborn cuz no one is gonna end up paying the price other than you.

So save your pennies, turn over a new leaf, and keep in mind that starting a new page is sometimes a lot easier than erasing and rewriting on the same one over and over again!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

ili mala awal mala talee

MSB said...

anon: but the past only holds u back.. u gotta let go to move on.

fractal00 said...

True true ... bas what if the past haunts you.. or what if you go all the way to get it out of your mind and erase it , and one day later it comes back and says hello to you in your face ... we all try to erase the past but not everyone is successful in doing that.

Anonymous said...

Passion is a purpose unto itself.

If you could just take every pithy platitude, cut and paste and festoon them from axiom to axiom, across the Maelstrom of Antares to Perditions flames.....

never mind.

Coming from any direction, we arrive at the draw bridge of platitudes that spans the Rubicon.....

but the fare keeps going up, as the gap gets wider.

All roads lead to and from Rome, but to get there, you have to take one and never quit.

There are no mistakes- only mysteries ...and Snafus, great and small

As we are not what others imagine us to be.... Niether are they.

It's nada problem.

it goes without saying..... I'm just sayin'

We grow branches in the shape of our imagination.

Spare me ...or not.

That's Ok.

better when it gives me something to engage