Sunday, October 16, 2005

What If...?

Do you ever wonder what you’re doing with your life? Do you ever wonder if what you think you want isn’t really what you need? What happens when you get what you’re working so hard for, only to find out that it’s not what you thought it would be? What if it was never worth the effort to begin with?

Then again, what if you think 'forget it' and your life is fine the way it is..? So you let it go and move on, only to wake up one morning and realize what a big mistake that was! But, by then, it's too late!

Unfortunately, while life is so quick in presenting us with questions, it’s not very eager to provide us with the answers that go along with them. It’s all about risks; the risk of going after it versus the risk of just letting it slip away.

We all know in order to gain something, we need to take a risk. In business, and in life, the biggest risks come with the biggest rewards. Yet, they also come with the biggest losses.

So what do you do? How do you know when to move forward, and when to just sit back and watch?

This time, I have no answers for you. Just questions!


George said...

Miss MBA,

What if life is short and it's too late ? Too many "what if..?" lah !

Move on with what you think is the best at the moment. Change direction when you think you are on the wrong track. Learn from past mistakes but don't spend too much time on remorse.

Anonymous said...

What if we die and find out that we lived a joke ;)

George said...

Let bygones be bygones. What else do you think we can do ?

Amy said...

Seize the day, I say. Life is about risk and fun and being happy (from someone who spans the globe to find happiness.....and succeeds).

Miss you!!! You didn't really cancel your trip here, did u??


MSB said...

Amy: I miss my note writing buddy!! :( FRED!!! (we wouldn't have survived without him & our 'notes')!!

Guess what? I was scheduled to leave tonight. Oh well, ur not ready to host any visitors yet anyway! I didn't cancel, I POSTPONED! Will let u know as soon as I know!

Amy said...

Fred is well cared for in his new home. :) And slowly but surely, I'm getting my act together...the high speed internet is up and running--what else do I need???

fractal00 said...

"what if"

my favourite question ... and my most hated one .. i always ask myelf what if .. bas i make sure i never put myself in that situation... if there is something i want to do, i would do it .. i don't want to look back at myself in 10 years time and say .."What if a did that!!"