Sunday, November 06, 2005

Life's Lessons

(consolidation time.. moving some old posts from my other blogs onto this one)


Why do humans interact? Why do we communicate? What purpose are we trying to serve? Do we even really need to?

Different people have different needs. Some communicate in order to connect and build relationships. Others communicate due to an inner need to just talk, to just speak, to just say what's on their mind.. as if keeping that information in will cause it to fester and rot.

Knowing WHY we reach out to others is vital. The reason behind someone connecting to you can help you better understand their motives and expectations. Every action warrants a reaction, sometimes equal, sometimes more extreme, other times, completely misled!!

Some people will put up with everything, others will put up with nothing, and some very few unique individuals will actually measure everything, and base their decision on your total net value, as opposed to an isolated incident.

My advice, get rid of expectations. It makes life a lot easier. You can't control how someone acts, but you can control how you react. If your expectations are non-existant, then you can reduce the possibility of being affected when caught in the human guillotine.. when someone decides to turn you into a disposable human!

Timing is everything in life.. when the tide comes in, and if it's not worth sticking it out, turn around and walk out the door.. and never look back!


Balbool said...

the door is wood or metal :l

fractal00 said...

It depends .. sometimes when a person shows you time and time again that they are there for you, andd that you can depend on them, you kind of start expecting them to be there whenever you need them.Bas this can't be done all the time.

Being a silent person mostly, the need for verbal communication is virtually non existant in my case, i rely on the physical type of communication and the use of body language to get my point across to people and recieve their emotions and feelings.