Saturday, November 05, 2005

Trust Me!

Ok it’s time for me to be a girl (i.e. mushy!!) So if you’re allergic to kids, stop reading now!! :)

Typical to family gatherings, especially during Eid, the kids come over and they’re all excited about their new clothes and the money they’ve collected. They go around running all over the place with an unlimited amount of energy until… one of them bangs his head on a table!!!!

Suddenly, everything changes - screams, crying, tears, the whole 9 yards - but in the midst of all of that, something amazing happens. When you go up to that crying kid and he looks at you with trusting eyes, pouting lips, and arms stretched out for u to pick him up.. when you grab him and he wraps his arms around u, sighs, and rests his head on ur shoulders.

They trust u. They know that ur supposed to protect them from harm. It’s that unconditional innocent expectation of protection that gives us no choice but to comply and do all we can to keep them safe.

It’s sad how as we grow up, we go from that complete trust stage to getting so used to disappointment, that we stop expecting ‘good’ from people, and always wait for “that other shoe to fall”. With each betrayal we encounter in life, that look of trust changes to a look of suspicion! Gone are the days where you leave your door unlocked without thinking twice.. gone are the days where you leave the car running with the key in the ignition!

At least we'll always have the kids, that innocent look, and that priceless trusting hug that makes everything else fade away!


Temetwir said...

if it werent for one special girl.. i would have had no idea what u were talking about

but since i do .. i cannot agree more

its survival of the fittest i guess :)

Balbool said...

kids ha?...