Tuesday, December 13, 2005

13 - 0


The Indianapolis Colts had a busy week! They just won their 13th straight game this season, got their third straight AFC South title, and clinched the AFC's top playoff seed.

With 3 more games left in the season, the Colts will host the San Diego Chargers (8-5) on December 18th. Good luck boys!


Itachi said...

This is sound interesting..8)

Temetwir said...


MSB said...


During my lunch break yesterday the tv was on and they had ESPN highlights of Sunday's football games. My eyes were glued to the tv and my friends had no idea what my problem was! :/

Why do most girls not like sports?!?!

balbool said...

13-0? How sweet. See you in the playoffs bloody rednecks

MSB said...

balbool: coming from the same person who was complaining since the Colts were 9 - 0... where's ur team in the playoffs? ohhhh... waiting for the wild card while the Colts have clinched the Division & Homefield advantage!!:P talk is cheap.. let's see some action.

My dilemma this wknd: it's Brees vs the Colts! :|