Sunday, May 07, 2006

Brain Mode = OFF!

The past few weeks have been extremely hectic. After being busy with a happy event (a loved one's wedding), I got slammed hard with an extremely disturbing event (loved one being admitted to the hospital.) As soon as that tidal wave started to ebb, work duties started to pick up and I ended up leaving on back to back trips (sitting in traffic for TWO hours just to get from Jumaira to Deira is NOT acceptable!!)

Now that life should be going back to normal, I feel my brain has gone into overload and has gone into emergency shut down status! Not sure that I want to turn it back on again. But just in case I do, any idea how I can go about doing that?!


Temetwir said...


works like a charm

endorphin is ur best friend

MSB said...

hmmm.. comfortably numb, gym, comfortably numb, gym.... COMFORTABLY NUMB IT IS!!!!

actually, i AM hitting the gym.. and my body IS alert.. it's just that my brain is still off! my memory, which used to be really sharp is failing.. & i'm actually enjoying it!

Hussa-G said...

Blogging is like reading a bicycle, You never forget how to ride it.

So go ride a bike. ;)

June said...

If you're enjoying it, keep it up. Why do you need to be switched on all the time? Go on and let it be... You'll have a great time, trust me. My brain is off like ALL the time and it never gives me any trouble :D

How about reading a good book tho? Curl up with something nice. I need one myself. Any suggestions?

ZiZoTiMe said...

Let your brain have some rest and shut it dowm for a while... Y not? :)

Actually I'm doing this all the time :P

MSB said...

hussa-g: mmm, it's been a million years since i've been on a bike.. i'm sure i'd fall off if i tried! :/

june: i'll let u know as soon as my brain turns back on..

zizotime: i agree! let's try it for a while.. why not!

KJB said...

Go to the DVD store and pick one hell of a twisted movie that will make you think for at least 3 hours after it about the events that happened and all of a sudden ur brains will turn on again. I'm sure i watched a few ones that made me think like that (maybe not 3 hours though) but oh well ....u get the point!

MSB said...

kjb: umm, no thanx! i'd rather leave it turned off for now! :) good luck w/exams!