Friday, May 26, 2006

Test of Time

I don't know about you, but I feel time is FLYING by! Just yesterday I was thinking 'man, this week flew by...! it's the weekend already.' Only thing is, it wasn't yesterday that I thought this. It was last week!!! I hadn't even noticed that this week has ended and it was the weekend again.

An interesting thing happened to me this week, though. An old friend from school somehow located me over the net. She sent me a message, not sure whether it was me or not. I was completely shocked and excited!!! We used to be REALLY close, back in 1989. She left in 1990 and we completely lost touch shortly thereafter. Now, 16 years later, she has managed tracked me down!

It's been amazing catching up with her and finding out what she's been up to. The one thing that I loved is that we talked as if we were just together yesterday! It didn't seem like our friendship had endured a 16 year drought.

I guess true friends are never separated by time, nor geography. So, while the last couple weeks have flown past me in a blink of an eye, I was able to regain a friend I lost 16 years ago! I guess that makes us even.


No3iK said...

First of all, im really glad your back in touch with ur friend, i know it feels great. to know that no space or time caould change the way you've always been together.

Time is running these days just like sand running through your fingers you cant catch up anymore, because the world keeps getting smaller and faster. Even babies are growing and learning faster than we used to know!

any way i liked ur post, makes u wonder

Hussa-G said...

I am so happy you got hold with your old friend. Funny thing is that you reminded me of a friend I have known since I was in University. I met her in Dubai last year and I was shocked at how fast we talked like it was yesterday. Amazing thing is that we still are friends even now.

And I agree “true friends are never separated by time”.

Thanks honey for sharing this with us. You gave me a thought to think. :)

ZiZoTiMe said...


A great thing just happened to u girl... Lucky u ;)

This time try to keep this friendship 4ever cause true friends are really rare these days

DOn't waste anyone of them ;)

MSB said...

no3ik: thanks :) sub7an Allah but this came at a time where I think both of us really needed this! & yes, the world is definitely becoming smaller & faster.. which is sad if u ask me!

hussa: teslemeen! yeah, i bumped into a girl who was w/me in school when i was in dubai once as well. only diff is that she wasnt a friend friend.. so it was nice to stop, catch up, smile and move on! :)

zizo: merci.. will try bthn Allah! :)

nonnah said...

It's so true, time slips away too fast.

And its nice to get in touch once again w/ ur long lost friend lol. I envy you, because I have a bad habit when it comes to "keeping in contact" with friends. I tend to supersede their company.

love the post =)

MSB said...

nonnah: thanks!!

i've got a bad habit too.. see my newest post :( i try to keep in touch but at times, i feel i'm juggling too many things. to be honest, sometimes i feel like i have too many friends that i can never really keep in touch properly with all.. but i love them all dearly :( yala, i'll find a way inshAllah.