Friday, May 12, 2006

leave my ADSL alone!!!


ZiZoTiMe said...

LooooooooooooooooooooL Afa Your ADSL 6ala3 efashel :P

They gonna close it soon so u better start finding a new company? :P

Is is that cheap? Never heard of it actually ;)

Hussa-G said...

Are you with tem or against them?

MSB said...

i currently have a 512 connection, unlimited download, for BD50. although they want to increase the speed and reduce the price, they want to LIMIT the download capacity per month!! they are offering new packages, NONE of which has an unlimited download option. that bites!

I'm SO very against!!!

KJB said...

Well i just read the link you posted - it's still not that bad. I mean if i understood correctly those who have a 40BD connection they will get 1Mbps with a limited threshold of 15GB. Once they exceed that, their speed will go down to 512 but unlimited - if u ask me it's still better than we pay for now.
Another ex is the BD60 one - u get 2 mbps for max 20 GB threshold - once u excced that u will be dropped to a 1mbps speed but its unlimited. So what is all the hassle about??

MSB said...

kjb: u should read it again.. that's not what they're offering. Batelco's new plans offer a limited threshold, afterwhich u PAY! What you wrote in ur comment is actually one of the solutions the boycott website is offering to solve the problem.

KJB said...

Sorry MSB - the first time i kinda skipped through quickly until i came across the table and i thought that was what the deal was about - I just read the whole thing word to word - i just love it- these guys make so much sense. MSB - u one of these activists? :p

Temetwir said...

everytime someone asks me:
"so, how ru liking the UK?"

my answer is:
"lets just say that the only thing ill miss is my internet connection"

and i mean it
it's really sad for some.. but i really mean it

so yes, i can relate on some level

Temetwir said...
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KJB said...

temetwir - i feel ya bro - just the other day one of my Bahraini friends was asking me - so how will you adjust to the Internet services in Bahrain after you leave the U.S? I said that is the only thing i don't think i can adjust to :(

N.A. said...

I'm with you on that one. Never been boycotting anyone(thing). But this is unacceptable. We are stripped from our unlimited dosage of downloads. Limited threshold? Ma 9arat wala istiwat hmm! Boohoo.

nonnah said...

I'm glad I came across your space =)
I really enjoyed reading your posts =) and your choice of "serendipity" made it really special..since I believe its one of the most beautiful words in the English language lol.

About boycotting batelco, I dont think we really need to boycott it since it is the only provider in Bahrain. But the right way of going about it is attending the forum & sharing your suggestions...and hopefully there might be a solution for us UNLIMITED users.


MSB said...

temetwir/kjb: yes, Allah E3enkom when you return bil salameh inshAllah.. but Temetwir, I think Q8 has better speeds/rates than Bahrain.. so you're still better off than us :(

n.a. welcome! with Batelco, kil shay eseer o yestewee! I really hope they reconsider these new packages, cuz it's outrageous.

nonnah: welcome & thanx! yes, we can't boycott them. even tho there ARE other providers now, they still use batelco's infrastructure. fa ma sawaina shay. and yes, we should attend the forum and voice our concerns as users via all means available to us... blogs included :)

BitterSweet said...

What is not clear to me, whether Batelco could end it's contract with it's client only from its side, without any compensations or other legal actions. Do you have a contract and for how long is it?

Anonymous said...

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