Sunday, June 04, 2006



The Stallion said...

I'm guessing today is your B-day?!?! If so then HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

MSB said...

stallion: thank u! :) yes it is.. and the post is completely 7tenths' fault!! :)

N.A. said...

Happy birthday ;)
3uqbal il imyah ;p

Sever said...

Wish you the best, MSB!

By the way, do you like birthdays?
& do you like to celebrate your birthday?

Ehhh... I have 2 best friends-Gemini. Must start to think what to present:)

Happy Birthday!

ZiZoTiMe said...

WoooooooooooooW we're both Geminis ;)

Happy Birthdaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay To msb

o 3o2baaaaaaaal el million ya 7elwa ;)

MSB said...

n.a. teslemeen thanks :) bs 100 wayed! u'll have to blog for me then since i wont be able to type..

sever: thank u! yeah i dont mind birthdays. some ppl hate that they're growing up. personally i dont care. age is just a number!

i usually just spend them with family and friends.

zizo: yes we are! merci merci!! bs itha ana gelt 7ag n.a. 100 is too much, million 7addy bakoon to7fa!! i'll need ur assistance then! prepare me some of ur drugs which will keep me on my feet ;)

7tenths said...

Mashallaaaaaaaaaaaaah 3al subtlety! :P Happy b-day again! ;)

MSB said...

7tenths: wha'ever do u mean?? :) thank u thank u!

btw, ur comment is the 7th on here! too many 7's lately! (ok if ur reading this and it's before the 24th, then get offline & go back to studying!!!)

No3iK said...

heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey msb

happy birthday
inshalllah 3o2bal 100 sina

all good healthy happy ones inshalllah :D

nonnah said...

Kel 3am w enti bkhair =>

MSB said...

no3ik: thank u thank u :))

nonnah: winti ib 9e7a o salameh! :) thanx

Hussa-G said...

Hey it’s your birthday and you didn't tell us. Why?
Any way I forgive you.

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to MSB.
Happy Birthday to you. And many more ;*

Wish you the best baby. Enshallah en3ad 3alesh bese7ah wel3afyah.

MSB said...

hussa: hi dear!!! :) 3laina o 3laikom bil 9e7a wil 3afya inshAllah!! ;) thank u!!

ZiZoTiMe said...

I think u need my drugs from now :P

MSB said...

zizo: yeah, i think ur right!! :)

Faith said...

Happppppppppppy belated birthdaay hun, hope it was awesome!! inshallah a wonderful year ahead!

BitterSweet said...

A bit too late: Happy birthday.
3u'baal 100 sana insha'allah. Hope you had a great day!

MSB said...

faith: thank u very much dear!! :)

bittersweet: teslam.. mashkoor jazeelan!! :)