Thursday, June 08, 2006

Friendly Fire

Lately I've noticed a lot of drama between friends. Friend 'A' gets upset at friend 'B', doesn't communicate with 'B' and just walks away ignoring them. Where in reality, 'A' has completely misunderstood the situation and taken everything out of context!!

So here's my question for you: what will it take for u to walk out on a friend, not look back, and not even allow them an opportunity to explain things (assuming u have been really good friends for years)?


LaiaLy_q8 said...

A lot

bss sometimes i would walk out just because i know when i am mad i say things i don't mean

Sever said...

Yes, I`m that one who can ignore. But sorry, then she or he knows WHY I`m doing this. Usually it`s like the end.

Also, one day one of my friends stoped to talk to me & to my other friend. Reasons? Nobody knew!

My position: as you like, there are not you for me anymore.

Position of my other friend: she came & asked what happened, why she does not want to speak with us both.

Result: this silly came back... but it was very hard "comeback" for her. Good. Now she knows what it can bring to her.

MSB, really... God with such people. Silly, silly :-/

Extinct Dodo said...

i've done that to friends.. it was always about trust. when a "good" friend of mine that i've been friends with for as long as i remember starts to have trust issues with me, then they're friends no more

ZiZoTiMe said...

Woooooooow... 9ej hatha ely e9er most of the time o kel wa7ed ma y36y el thany the chance to explain ely 9ar o shino el qa9d men kel hatha!!

Hope People will get it through your post ;)

MSB said...

laialy: yeah, but once u've calmed down, do u go back to discuss?

sever: but y stop talking for no reason? if she got upset about something, then she should speak up! otherwise, then she's behaving like a stranger would.

extinct-dodo: but do u confront them or u just cross them off ur list and walk away?

zizo: agoolek el 3omor wa7d wil Rab wa7d.. we're all going to die. why can't we all just get along? ;)

Extinct Dodo said...

i dont bother with confronting them. by that point a confrontation would be pointless, in my opinion. i just sever any ties abruptly, theres no need to prolong the situation

Sever said...

I don`t understand people who stop talking with no reason.
As I told, MSB, if I do it... then they always know WHY.

Don`t you think, that sometimes its the best thing you can do?
Just stop talking & nothing more.

I believe that it`so sometimes.

& Let me ask, please.
MSB, are you in such a situation when your friend just stoped talking without reason... yes?

Then what are YOU going to do? how to deal with this? Your methods, please :)

MSB said...

i guess with me, if someone was really close and has been there for me thru thick and thin, i'd at least give them the benefit of the doubt and talk to them to see. if i'm not convinced or if i think the situation doesn't warrant a second chance, then i'd sever ties. but i wouldn't just ignore for no reason.

and yes, sever, i've been in this situation before and it was bad cuz the other person had completely misunderstood the situation.. and had they just spoken to me they would've known that they took everything completely out of context! but oh well, that in itself, that action of walking away and ignoring, spoke volumes i guess!

fractal00 said...

I can't think of a reason why one would walkout on a good friend... For me, the only time i walked out on a friend was when a friend betrayed me (it happened a couple of times .. people just use you if ur good to them), and when i am really pissed i walk away saying nothing cos i know i might blow up in their face and say some nasty stuff, so i avoid it by walking out.

MSB said...

fractal: looking good! this new look suits u! :P

i agree with u! i only walk away when i know i've completely lost control. but i never end a friendship without making sure the other party knows what's going on. i think for the sake of the 3eshra & the yrs we shared, i at least owe her the benefit of the doubt & a chance to see if there's a misunderstanding. i've been on the receiving end a few times, unfortunately, & i never understood y the other person never gave me a chance. so i never want to do the same to others.

Sever said...

You can`t need someone, who does not need you.

At least in friendship.


So let them go... don`t remember anything bad about them & continue your way.

Life philosophy :)

June said...

I think that us being who we are (Geminis) we're advocates of the "hash & rehash" philosophy. Talk talk talk until someone is convinced. Of course, I have betrayed my kind a few times and left things bottled up but never again. Life sucks enough without carrying grudges; why can't we all just get along?

Having said that, I would never NOT give someone a chance to explain things no matter how heinous the crime. If someone is seriously sorry or truly did not mean to hurt me then why wouldn't I listen? My friends aren't malicious nor evil. And hey, God forgives, who am I?

Hussa-G said...

I had a friend who hurt me so bad that I had to walk away. And I was friend with then since we were little kids. She didn’t value that friendship and I had enough of it so I walked out from the friendship.

I usually give three chances for the people I care about if they blow it all, I will just move away from it. I let them hurt me once or twice but never a fourth time.

Good luck honey. I hope things will be better with you.

Tantalize said...

That's easy. If they ticked me off due to shallow remarks or just outright stupidity, I'd just walk out without looking back. I've done it so many times. Nothing is forever anyhow. No one either. Everything and everyone is momentary. Thinking they will last is self-foolishness.

MSB said...

sever: everything happens for a reason! :)

june: :* communication opens a lot of locked doors. then again, it also closes a lot of open doors ;) guess we just have to be careful!

hussa: with good friends, i usually give chances as well and i always try to find out their side of the story before walking away. i think over the years, they've earned the benefit of the doubt.

tantalize: yes, everything is momentary. but that doesn't mean giving up on good things for no reason.. or rather, for the wrong reasons. we've all been misunderstood before.. why put others, let alone friends, in those shoes un-necessarily?

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