Wednesday, June 21, 2006

World Cup Fever

I've got the bug, and can't seem to shake it off!!!! Why is it that the GOOD games are always the ones that start at 10 pm? Don't they know I've got work the next morning?

I've been going to work, looking like a zombie, for the past week! I "wake up", get ready while my eyes are still sealed shut, and somehow manage to make it to the office. Not sure if people are ever gonna get tired of telling me "Your eyes are red!"

Yet, with all my whining, I have to admit that I love it! Tonight, Netherlands & Argentia!! It better be a nail biter!!


N.A. said...

lol, likewise!
I can't get enough sleep, because of those addictive matches. Heck, I've been staying at home ever since the World Cup started.

Can't get enough of this athleticism. ;)

I guess tonight's game will be Argentine's with a 3-1 lead. *cross-fingers*

MSB said...

n.a. I like both teams, but in fear for my safety, I refrain from commenting on who I want to win :)

This reminds me of March Madness!! :)

N.A. said...

Oh you love college basketball games?! Those were my crazy days back in my undergrad. years ;P

Thank you. Another gal who appreciates sports. :P

For future reference, how can I get a hand of these matches here in Bah? Foxsports?

MSB said...

n.a.: ee! memories of the past! u shoulda seen me during football season! saturday morning stuck to the tv watching college football, o sundays watching NFL, and monday, watching MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL :) after the superbowl, i'd start following the nba + college hoops!! :)

umm, yeah foxsports used to have them, i think orbit has espn and they've aired those in the past, and i know ART is showing the NBA playoffs (or showed since Miami won last night!)

Temetwir said...

it's going to be great
tomorrow i think will be even greater with the italy/czech and us/ghana .. mad mad group

ZiZoTiMe said...

A7la shy hal ayam!!! I'm not sleeping... only setting infront of T.v Watching the lovely fever

I admire everything in the World Cup and Wow for today's much I think it's gonna be amazing enshalah

MSB said...

temetwir: and we're still on the first round.. more fun to come ahead!!!

zizo: ma2sah! i'm so tired at work, i go home and think 'i'll sleep early tonight' o then i get sucked in and stay up watching the games!

Sever said...

Dear MSB, for me these games start at 11pm :)

Ok, now I don`t have to wake up early, but really I don`t care. Anyway I can`t fall asleep before 3-4 am.

& my papa... he has to wake up at 5am.
& we watch these games together.
Can you imagine how he must feel in the morning? :)
But he never feels sorry about it.
I guess because he simply can`t fall asleep like me :D

Tonight we watch it too... do we?
MSB, even don`t dare to go to your bed! I will control! ;-)

P.S. forgot... about eyes - just do something good for them. Cold tea must be nice for your eyes.

MSB said...

sever: i feel for ur dad!! but this is once every 4 yrs, so it's ok! :) and i dont care about the red eye thing.. they can get over it, and i'll get plenty of sleep when i'm dead ;)

i gotta say it.. GO ARGENTINA!!

ZiZoTiMe said...

Same to me Msb

Argentiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...... Maradoooooooooooonnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :)

Dr.Lost said...

hehe.. 3addi stay up late, world cup is once every four years so its worth it ;p hell i didnt c a single match till end of last week coz i was goin thru finals !

fractal00 said...

/me yawns ..... nam nam nam .....
Argentinian traitor ..
I have been going back home at 1 from those 10PM matches .. so ithink i win the look like a zombie the next day contest..
AM going back to sleep ... (Yawns)

7tenths said...

Thanks for that, I feel alot more manly now, seeing that I haven't seen one complete match yet (I watch the highlights on BBC, alright?!) :P

Hussa-G said...

Hey sporty girl. How are you?

P.S. As you can see, I an not a fan of football. :)

MSB said...

zizo: ;) watching the game now.. mexico isnt making it easy!!! *biting nails*

doc: that's exactly what i'm doing! hope u've managed to start watching now? (congrats again)

fractal: can't hear u.. must be a bad connection? shweesh shweesh... hello?? :)

7tenths: ur excused.. u had exams (altho, u coulda just taken them again next year! the WC u'll have to wait 4 yrs for!!! geez!!) ;) mabrook dektoor sab3a!

hussa: hi dear!! sorry, been busy with the games.. la blog wala b6ee5 hal ayam! and it's only getting worse.. :) hope all's well with u!

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