Thursday, June 01, 2006

5-Minute Rule

There are certain things that happen every now and then that make me thank God I'm still single!

One of my pet peeves is someone who attacks me with their stories/questions the second I walk into the room. I have this problem at work. The minute I walk around the corner and approach my office, certain people immediately start asking questions. I'm still carrying my purse, haven't reached my desk yet, haven't drank my tea yet, don't talk to me!

I just found out recently that this extends to the house as well. Last night I walked in, totally exhausted. All I wanted to do was go to my room and just relax. Instead, I got caught by a family member who talked endlessly. By the time I made it upstairs, I got intercepted by another family member with more stories. While I love them, and would love to hear their stories, there are times where you just need a couple minutes to breathe before your brain and ears can function. Not a lot of time, just enough time to get to my room, get into my home attire, get comfortable and then they can talk as much as they want!

Will people please follow the "5-minute rule"?


No3iK said...

hon, i think youll need more than 5 mins! ;p
awal shay ya36eeech al3afya for all the work uve been doing.
having company around is a good thing u know.
having a u time, is a good thing also, but i think sometimes it can wait.
i dunno i just think its nice that u have a lot of people who kind of wait for you to walk ina room, so theyd talk, and share things with YOU!
dunno, maybe its just me?

Sever said...

MSB, how well I understand you :)

& yes... I agree with the other commentator... 5 mins... no no no, its not enough. 1 hr - the best... before starting work or after finishing it:)

I agree with such a rule!

ZiZoTiMe said...

Is it really 5 mins? :P

Say 30 mins and I'll believe u ;)

Anyway you're right o 7dech maskeena o 9ej sa3at el wa7ed ybe bs yerta7 o el nas ely 7awalaih ma eqadron kelesh hal shy o kel wa7ed ybe efa'6fe'6 ely eb galba

allah e3enech :)

MSB said...

no3ik: yes, i do enjoy having company around.. bs when ur tired, u need a short break!! o i dont want to be rude & tell them 'ssshhhh!!' (but at work, i do tell them to leave me alone for a while before they come talk to me!)

sever/zizo: yes, i DO need more than 5 mins.. i was just trying to be polite ;)

7tenths said...


MSB said...

7tenths: how sweet of u to remember!! thank u!!! :)))& good luck to u..

fractal00 said...

Welcome to the story of my life MSB work starts at i start work at 10:30 if i'm lucky after i am stuck hearing everyone's life story, and when i get home everyone wants to tell me about their day while all i wanna do is sit down relax have some juice and listen to music in ma room :(

MSB said...

fractal: told you.. one word: LOTTO!! :)