Saturday, August 26, 2006

Blast from the Past

For some odd reason, I've been getting a lot of flashes from the past lately. A friend and I were discussing a few of those things, so I thought I'd share some of that with the rest of you:

* Remember one of the best arcade games, ever? PACMAN! Click on the link. LOVE the sounds!
* How about Asteroids?
* Rubik's Cube anyone?

*sigh* at least the internet can bring those memories back!


fractal00 said...


i simply love pacman .... :D ..

ahh the 80s why do people hate it so much

Warda said...

Pacman is the love of my life :) I just bought it and play it all the time on my PSP :)

June said...

A little before my time but Pacman always kicked ass and I remember crying for ages when I'd play with my aunt and she'd beat me or I'd break the joystick from trying to make Mr. Pacman move faster.

Has anyone ever actually solved a Rubik's cube?

Sever said...

I remember... I remember Dandy... or how was it called?
I remember our little flat... & I remember this sound.
one of 1st games.
Memories, memories :)

fractal00 said...

Dude Rubik's cube can be solved, i solved it once or twice ... but i think it will take me a while to solve it if i ever give it another shot!!

Tarek said...

Did you succeed in solving the Rubik's Cube !?

MSB said...

fractal: =) i'm an 80s gal!! the 80s rock much better than the 90s and 00s!!

warda: niiice.. enjoy!! =)

june: yeah yeah throw the age card out there! :P (yeah, i wish pacman would move faster too.. but pushing the joystick harded never accomplished that!).. as for the cube, yeah.. ages ago.. want to try it again. the rubik's pyramid i can solve in less than a min! =)

sever: =) yup!

fractal: buy me one and i'll let u try to solve it ;)

tarek: ages ago.. need to try again.. once u figure out the concept, it's simple really.

Anonymous said...

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fractal00 said...

Hmmmmmmmm ....... OKA

Green Data said...

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