Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Work It

I had tried many different ways to lose weight. None of which were very effective. Finally, a few months back, I tried calorie counting. That worked! I lost over 11 kgs.

I used to tell my family/friends that the more sleep you get, the better your chances of maintaining/losing weight. No one believed me. Well, I finally got them the proof!!

For those of you interested, or those bored, Click Here! It's a link to a calorie calculator for over 70 activities! Enjoy..


$iLveR GiRL said...

10 kilos in how many months?!

Temetwir said...

can't wait to get back in the gym .. 14 months plus without, living on push ups and silly dumbbells occasionally

anyway wanted to note: 10kg water is not 10kg fat
latkharbeen 3ala ro7ech, ur doing a great thing so tough it out


MSB said...

$ilver girl: 11kgs in 8 weeks.

temetwir: mako gym in the UK???

yes, water is not fat.. heard that one before. i also measure my fat/water percentages! =)

not planning on ruining anything.. stopped my 'diet' more than 2 months ago, but have been doing well on my own. i've been maintaining this for about 4 months now so inshAllah it will continue.

mashkoor =)

fractal00 said...

So ... what i noticed from the calculator link .. is that u can burn a lot of calories doing absolutely nothing special ... if people stop being lazy they dun even need exercising.

Brush your teeth 3 times a day you lose 21 Cal

Make the bed properly and tidy up on ur room a bit which should take aroun 15 min u burn 18 Cal

Sex (moderate) 27 Cal

Sleeping for 6 hours 192.51 CAL (sleeping is more than sex .. yeah right .. they dunno some people like it all night long ... stupid calculator)

So yeah basically all daily house activities would help you lose that .. just stop being lazy

ZiZoTiMe said...

Don't lose weight.... Eat more food more food! :P

MSB said...

fractal: dont know how u got less than 200 cals for 6 hours of sleep.. i got over 400!! =)

zizo: min gal lek ineh i dont eat.. i just do it a more 'efficient' way now =)

Sever said...

Now I know what you are doing in the morning at work - post post post :P
& I'm having a cup of tea at the same time & checking my mail ;-)

I believe in stresses.
& yes, I believe that it's good for loosing weight to sleep more.

I do it :)

Sally said...

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MSB said...

sever: =) nooo, i work at work in the morning!! ;)

ok, i'm off to sleep to burn off calories =)

Spontaneousnessity said...

here's what I did, over 3 months I lost 25 kilos, I have only 5 to go and they don't seem to get the idea! they just stay there no matter what I did, or did I go easy on them since they're 5, don't know sara7a

Spontaneousnessity said...

oh and ako points diet, tried that? worked on many I know.

MSB said...

spontaneousnessity: how did u lost 25kgs in 3 months?? and what's this points diet? i dont think i've heard of it..