Sunday, August 20, 2006


Hi.. my name is MSB, and I'm an addict.

I can't help it. Once I get hooked to a tv show, I can't pull myself away. Now that I'm done with Lost and Desperate Housewives, I started watching Prison Break. Let me just say, I started seaon one yesterday and have completed TWELVE episodes. Do you know what that means? 12 * 45 mins = too many hours in ONE DAY!!!!

On a brighter note, this is my 100th post! =)


Sally said...

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Temetwir said...

prison break unfortunately i have followed "on time" - they had like a 4 month break in between so i lost interest but i picked up on it when it reaired.. so i can only imagine how enjoyable it is to flow one episode after the next.. POPCORN :)

the thing is, these three shows you mention are all network shows meaning that there'll always be a good guy and a bad guy heh
if you want real prison drama, i suggest you look into OZ (i think it was six seasons, mad stuff HBO style and very disturbing at times)

and you're NOT alone, i get hooked whenever i have work to do .. for example last semester i watched 4 series of The Shield, and dloaded the 5th as it was being aired (watched it too of course heh)
add to that the 5 series dloaded of the sopranos, and also watched season 6 as it was being aired ..
you dont want to even know abt the shows in between, i just want you to know that ur not alone

now, COME TO THE DARK SIDE, cable is where it's all at

fractal00 said...

Congrats on your 100th post


as a special gift ... You have just been tagged ... check my bloggie and u have to do it remember .. bloggers code of conduct :P

PB is cool .. season 2 is starting soon

temetwir: although Lost is a network show .. bas have you really watched it .. there is no good guy or bad guy in it.

Òrange Juice™ said...

Lol!That was funny Good luck I try not to watch too much tv

Social Paradox said...

Season 2 of Prison Break starts today! ;D

MSB said...

temetwir: on time ya3ney shino? i've been spoiled. i can longer WAIT A WEEK or even A DAY to watch the next episode. if i want to be able 2 c what happens next, i should be able to hit 'FWD' and see immediately! =)

i was actually in the US when OZ first aired. I watched a few episodes back then.

if the dark side is cable, what side is the dvd/d'load frenzy? =)

fractal: merci merci! =D tagged? gift? ay shay! :@ actually, season 2 starts TODAY! wohoo, JIT! ;)

orange juice: i dont watch much tv either. i only sit with my eyes glued to the set when i've got a series to watch, all at once! =)

social paradox: yay! i know.

update: and for those of u who care to know, i was good last night! i only watched ONE episode before going to bed (as long as one really means three!) ;)

anonymous said...

100 posts! congrats... i'm just like you, i'm addicted to desperate Housewives, The OC and six feet under, i can watch a whole season non stop in 3 days...

ZiZoTiMe said...

Mashalah... 12 episodes in one day... you're great!!

I have the same problem but mine is more complicated cause i'm downloading a movie or a new show everyday and don't have enough time to watch them... So i'm adding them to the big list and can't wait to finish it. I hope in one day in the future

Congraaaaaaaaaaaat.s on the 100 posts ;)

Temetwir said...

oh come on man! the "handsome, always-do-good doctor" falling for the "attractive, independent-with-a-past ex con", and in between is a "tall, redneck cowboy renegade" who creates a semi-love triangle.. not to mention all the "quotas" that are met: black male, hespanic female, blonde, brunette heh :p
nah am just messin with ya. yes, fractal, i do know what you're saying and i agree, BUT lost is definitely not your avg network tv show! i mean sure, the dialogue doesnt match cable shows but the STORY and the whole intertwining stuff is definitely not ur avg network show.
so i agree with you bro althu for diff reasons :)

on time ya3ni the episode airs Sunday.. i dload it Monday
so trust me, i know exactly what you mean with the being spoiled stuff, i cant wait from week to week either! that is why i'm telling u that Prison Break, when it first aired, it was october 05.. approximately 11 or something episodes aired (not sure), then they STOPPED airing it - season 1 was "split", it restarted i think ~March 06.
in between, i "lost track" of what was REALLY going on, and only slowly picked up interest again, but it definitely intensified over the weeks

OZ is on a whole diff level

and btw i dont have cable here, what i mean by "cable shows" is the shows that are aired on cable stations (and then i dload them),, e.g. HBO (sex and the city and the sopranos are both cable - HBO to be specific) whereas NBC, ABC, CBS and some others are the "network shows" (lost, desp housewives, prison break).. the networks obviously have to tone it down a bit with the language and the violence
sometimes the cable shows get a bit too silly with the sex, but the really good shows dont emphasize on it for ratings :)

anyway, fractal & msb if you guys are interested in a totally different tone of shows then check out Entourage (season 3 is gonna end next week, so u can dload all THREE seasons at once!) .. and Weeds (slow start, but really picks up)
theyre just.. "different"
entourage IMHO has the best dialogue on TV

MSB said...

izzi: thanks! =) the OC & 6ft under i havent watched yet. dont think i have time to add them to my list! after PB it's gonna be gray's anatomy.. o ba3dain the other stuff (lost/desperate housewives) will have started up again!

zizo: shukran shukran! now i only have 3.5 episodes left! i figured the ONLY way for me to stop from continuing to the next & next & next episode was to stop halfway thru an episode before the suspense picks up! ;)

temetwir: gotchya! DH, lost & PB air here.. but i refuse to watch it weekly. ma2darsh! =)

i do agree with how cable shows get too focussed on ratings/sex!! i know sex & the city/OZ both had more than their share.. not forgetting other 'shows' which were totally dedicated to that topic! :/

shino ba3ad Entourage? i'll look it up! =)

fractal00 said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh Entourage is kind of nice and kinky .. bas it is more of a guys show than a woman's kind of show .. bas i really like it .. iam up to season 3 episode 10 now (one good merit it has is the character development)

Delicately Realistic said...

I reccomend Gray's Anatomy :)

MSB said...

hmm.. just checked out Entourage's page.. looks interesting! i think i may have seen something about it on tv..

DR: yeah i've seen a couple random episodes and some of the previews. i DEFINITELY wanna see it. next on da list! God help my eyes! ;)

your said...

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