Friday, September 29, 2006


Not sure how many of you have actually seen this. It's an old site, but I figured I'd share anyway.

Those of you who wonder how Bush came to power, you need to check this out.


Faith said...

You know ive always tried not to blame all of Americans for this guys actions...and btw, when he came into power, it all relied on Florida, and ermm..who was the mayor dude in flordia..oh thats right! Jed Bush!

ill check out ur link when im at home, loved the pics!

MSB said...

faith: wait till u see the link.. lots of good pics. i just had to choose a couple for my post. enjoy =)

fractal00 said...

Really ya3ni .. it doesn't take two to see that he didn't get to become president legally .. i think most americans hate him, but even if u hate someone sometimes some cash, some new laws would make you look the other way and give him a vote, i am just glad that the americans actually realize how bad he is enough to start up a site to show everyone how sorry they are he is president :S