Wednesday, September 27, 2006

It's My Life

So much drama in one week. Forget the Ramadan programs, come see my work life! One of the senior managers is leaving and all hell is breaking loose. All the rumors, all the predictions on what's going to happen next, all the drama.

People come, people go, life goes on, roll with the punches. Any more cliche lines you'd like for me to add?

I'm so amused at how people love to come up with stories and make up their own soap opera. Today one of my staff members came and told me 'we heard you've been upset the last couple days cuz of xyz and that's why you've been spending more time in your office than usual.'

Umm, last couple days = since the beginning of Ramadan! I'm tired, I'm perserving energy, I don't go to the kitchen since we're fasting, AND working 5 hour days means you really need to buckle down to get things done. BUT if you want to come up with your own interpretation, be my guest. I'm not gonna stop you from your fun and enjoyment. Please excuse me from partaking in the games though. Keep me out of it!

When will people just grow up? When will they just mind their own business? It's Ramadan for Heaven's sake. Do something more productive with your time folks! (Reminds me of
June's post, and our vow to CTC!)

*stepping off the soap dish*


ZiZoTiMe said...

If people will grow up... then we can't call them people :P

Allah e3enech walla 3ala hal ashkal hehe

Ramadan Kareeen ya set ;)

fractal00 said...

Since the dawn of time, and the best pass time anyone can think of is gossiping and theorizing about stuff .. whether it be in a cave , in a tea party or around the water cooler or kitchen at work. This is human nature i agree with Zizo, If they stop that they aren't people anymore.

istas said...

what? they sound really annoying... why dont u just tell them that your trying to concentrate on work because the work hours have decreased.. honesty is always the best policy, then there wont be so much tension... don't get mad, little ants!

warda said...

oh, msb, you're such a dramaqueen!

MSB said...

zizo: imbala eseer.. khalhom e3eglon bas! ;) Alleh Ekoon fee 3on el jamee3. Embarak 3laik elshahar.

fractal: i think we need to redefine 'people' then!

istas: cuz it's none of their business. i dont need to justify anything nor explain to them. let them talk all they want.. wana malee!! =)

warda: min 3ashar qawman!