Monday, September 18, 2006

Where Art Thou?

Winter, o winter, where art thou?? I don't remember the last time you came by! Last year, you forgot us!

Seriously folks, when are we going to get some nice winter weather? I know that summer lasts for most of the year, spring pops in for about a week, and fall.. hmmm *scratching head* do we even get fall? We don't have much greenery for us to see it change to orange and red! But winter?! We used to get at least 2 good months of winter!

Mind you, the minute it rains for 5 minutes, accidents start piling up because some people don't realize that driving on wet ground is not the same as driving on dry ground!! But still, I hope you come by this year!


cosimfree911 said...

eee walaah kalaamch 9a7 meen zemaan mashefnaa aljaw al7eloo hathaa we missed so much walaah

bs 9ara7aa anaa 3endy al summer wayed a7san ;) bs 3ad mo summarnaa al summer elly baraa alnormal one y3nee

nice to see u again ;)

Sever said...

You are my crazy friend.
Come to us ;-)

That's the most beautiful pictures.
Only a few days of winter, but all other days are terrible!

MSB said...

cosimfree911: welcome back!! el fu9ool kileha 7elwa, bs mo 3indena :/ 3ad elyom SHWAY te3adal el jaw 3indena.. fa inshAllah it's heading in the right direction soon =)

sever: ok, i dont want it to be THAT cold ;) i'd love to visit.. nice pics!

MooDY said...

Hey i got the same view of that picture when i look outside ma window ...

lucky git ha ? ... u should try Madinat Hamad its full of fun [ krap ] ...

Neva dream of a weather like that to happen in Bahrain , or in most of the GCC .
Why Most , because as far as i remember , there are places in Saudi and Oman that are really amazing .

Maybe we should shift Bahrain somewhere else ... lol !

fractal00 said...

The weather is changing here in Kuwait .. it is 10:00 AM now and well :D there is a nice cool breeze out when you stand int he shade, moreoever no longer using the CAR'S AC after the sun sets :) i hope it stays like this....

MSB said...

moody: haaa o ana agool wain ra7 el winter?! atareeh fee madinat 7amad! ma7ad gal lee! =)

shifting bahrain somewhere else is an EXCELLENT idea.. let's start a petition!

fractal: inshAllah.. at least it's heading in the right direction for now..