Saturday, September 16, 2006

Define Love

Is it that "breathless-ness" feeling you get when you see them? That loud beating in your heart when they look at you? That instant smile that flashes across your face when you see their number on your phone? That glow in your eyes when you hear someone mention their name? Or is it knowing how bad they are for you and yet not being able to shake them out of your system?


Munther said...

Hey MSB..

Love is truely a strange things, I totally agree with what you say MSB. Although I am a bit skeptic of the last part ! Knowing that the other half of the relation is not good for you and staying in the relation, just says that the other half is gullible and naive ! I understand where you're coming from though, and being stuck in a dead end relationship is the worst thing that can happen to you, and I wouldn't want to wish anybody to end up in such a thing. :( Anyway on another hand, just to lighten things up; It had been proven lately that love is a form of mental dysfunction ! :D

fractal00 said...

It is a mixture of both in my opinion... there has got to be that kind of chemistry between two people. And offcourse with that chemistry int he beginning there will be the happy when you see them, butterflies in your tummy etc ... !!!!! But what constitutes love is what comes after that, are you willing to put up with that person, good and bad.. can you put up with those little things that would in other situations drive you crazy, would you accept them for who they are. For example .... If i can bare waking up next to her in the morning and take her grumpiness with a smile .. that would definitley mean that i love her .. it is one of the signs .. take my word for it. And if she doesn't mind you overanalyzing stuff and thinking too much and giving her a headache every now and then .. that's just another sign of love.

MSB said...

munther: hello! that's the reason behind the questions. if u notice, the last part has an OR in front of it.

u see, some ppl end up staying in a dysfunctional relationship a lot longer than they should.. and whether this is cuz they're in love, naaive, or in denial, i guess is the question! then again, if u say it's a form of mental dysfunction, i guess that's the best answer! ;)

MSB said...

fractal: interesting about the grumpiness... but isnt this the text book definition of love? if u dig deep down into ur soul, would u still define it the same?

everyone: my post is somewhat inspired by the movie 'the notebook'.. while there r some parts of the movie i completely disagree with, that still brought up this question in my head.. how would YOU define love?

Anonymous said...

love is when you want something to live forever.

Sever said...

I still believe that there are different loveS.

& after one love a person usually has anotehr love. I mean different.
But sometimes, usually after a long time... he falls in love & says "wow, it's like my first time".
But it's rarely & it just proves that love can be different.

So how can I define love, MSB?

Ok, in my case I do next thing -
I let myself see all bad things in him, in our sutuation & so on. & then BUT comes.
Everything is not so good, BUT...
This BUT means love, MSB.
Because love exists not because of money, not because everything in relationship is easy...

But it helpes for a couple of minutes only.
Then I start to say to myself - is it love, oh really?

What is love for you, friend?

MSB said...

anonymous: despite the fact that u know that nothing lasts forever?

sever: as in, "he drives me crazy, but i can't live without him" type of thing?

love for me? u see, i think our definition of that changes with time.. what i used to think love was, 10 yrs ago, may not be the same way i view it today. life & reality really have a way of changing our perspective on things!

isabelle said...

love is strength, warmth, security, union, hugs and kisses.

MSB i loved the notebook, how much did you cry?

isabelle said...

where'd my comment go?

isabelle said...

oh ooops :p

June said...

I didn't want to comment on this post MSB (but then again, you already knew that). But I'll just give you my reason for not wanting to post anything:

Love has no formula and no definition. It comes in all forms, shapes and sizes. It's changeable. It's dynamic. How can I define it?

Thank you.

MSB said...

isabelle: half way through the movie till the end. sound about right? =)

june: exactly. i agree. but the question is, what is it to YOU? does it change depending on the person? on how u feel at that point in ur life? or is love that one feeling that can only be felt, and not described.. something that no one can ever really explain, but can only live?