Sunday, January 22, 2006


A car.. old letters.. old pictures.. a bracelet.. earrings.. a mobile phone.. if, la sama7 Allah, there's a fire.. What's the one thing that you'd grab before you run out? What's the one thing you'd get upset over losing?

Over the years, we develop attachments to certain material objects and even to certain people. When we lose them, we get upset or even depressed. We can't believe that we've lost them/it. And while yes, we may never realize how truly we miss something until we lose it, why do we get so attached?

Allow me to strip away all emotions and feelings aside. Aren't we bound to lose everything at some point? Life isn't endless. Everything and everyone will eventually cease, whether we like it or not.

I guess over the years I've built up some sort of resistance or tolerance. If I lose something, then so what? Why get so bent out of shape over something materialistic? Because it has sentimental value? O ba3dain..? It's not like getting upset will change the reality of it. Besides, I've got memories to remind me of things that are precious and things that I cherish.

Friends drift away? That's part of life. People come into our life to serve a certain purpose. Sometimes they stay for a long time, sometimes only temporarily. Whatever that purpose is, just thank God that they played a role. If they disappear, then life, believe it or not, will go on.

We hold on to the past, forgetting that life is continuous. It doesn't stop, not for you and not for anyone else.

I know I sound heartless. At the end of the day, what matters is what we CAN take with us. It's not how much money we made, how big of a house we live in, how many friends we've made, nor how many possessions we have. It's how people view us and remember us, our deeds, and how we lived our life.


Temetwir said...

so true, and well done
spoken like a true realist (w/ faith)

im hoping that becoz its coming out of YOU, ppl will be more accepting and not tell u how negative u r and all that nonesense

"things u own, end up owning u" -
Tyler Durden

between a dream and reality said...

mmm i would grab my passport, wallet, my box that i throw important stuff in and ofcourse, my laptop!!!

yea its stupid to associate feelings with objects and itdoenst make sense..but alot of us do that, including me :P its like part of ur past that u dont want to let go of..its not the objects but what the object represent of feelings...but ultimately, i can let go of all of that..but the few true friends that i've, it w0uld be incredibly hard 2 let go of them...cuz its not easy 2 find someone who would stand by ur side over all of those yrs...

LaiaLy_q8 said...

easier said than done though
but true

Hussa-G said...

It’s hard to give up materialistic things. But you are smart not heartless when it come to this. I wish I can be like that. But I am very emotional person. I get attached to some silly stuff. Like a movie ticket I loved. Or a shirt. Or a jacket. Something that you can easily replaced.

I wish I have the power to let things go and be content of the memory of it. But it’s so hard.

MSB said...

temetwir: teslam okhooy.. the more faith one has, the more 'real' their outlook is, the easier it is to deal with anything! Sub7an Allah! (ur 'coming from YOU' part cracked me up!) :) Durden quote: SO true! (Pacino.. POWERFUL!)

BDR: no one wants to let go of friends or people..i definitely dont! I appreciate the dear friends i have in my life. sometimes life doesn't give us an option tho.

laialy: yes, easier said than done.. but practice makes perfect! it gets better and easier with time once u put ur mind to it.

hussa: dont think that i've perfected this nor that i can do this 100%.. i'm still in training.. but like what i said to laialy, with practice, it gets easier.. u DO have the power.. u just have to decide to make that transition if u want to. Allah Ewafgich.

Baroque said...

ee wala laish?

ZinZinQ8 said...

MSB, you don't sound heartless at all dear. You sound like someone grappling with loss by calming herself and saying: well I'm bound to lose everything sooner or later so why should it hurt? Why should I hurt? It's ok, nothing hurts. I dont hurt, life is passing we're going to lose evrything. It's ok. Im thinking with my head and not my heart. All of these statement offer temporary reassurance but the feeling of loss is ever existent. We all suffer through it at one point or another. Alla yer7imna with distractions and foregetfullness.

MSB said...

charisma: :)

zinzin: yes, but not just that. everything happens for a reason and whom am I to argue with God's will? in times of trouble, it's so easy for us to ask 'laish ya Rabbee?!?' but when things r great, lil asaf, a lot of times we seem to forget to be thankful.

pinkbling said...

Its true,but we do it for a reason, either a reason we know or will eventually know later. An object may be just an object to one, but to another it may be a sentimental object, an object holding memories, trust and love. So we cant say that we are able to go on without these objects, because our hearts are clutching on to them. I guess it just depends on the object for us to decide whether it's worth letting go of it or not.

Kaleidoscope said...

"It's not how much money we made, how big of a house we live in, how many friends we've made, nor how many possessions we have. It's how people view us and remember us, our deeds, and how we lived our life."

Is it? Some would disagree with you. To some it's what sort of legacy they do not leave behind. They do not want to be known or remembered.

In contrast, to want "how people remember us, our deeds, and how we lived our life" could be seen as selfish and related to possession, too.

Detachment, ironically, is possibly the best non-possessing deed a human can have.

MSB said...

pinkbling: yes, i dont deny that it's human nature to get 'attached'.. but i think if we just look at the bigger picture, we can detach ourselves and utilize that energy to focus on more important matters.

kaleidoscope: i'm sure everyone has their own view on this subject. my point behind 'people remember us, our deeds, and how we lived our life' was leaving people behind who would pray for us and yad3oon lena after our death, our deeds that we will be judged on by Rab El3alameen, and whether we used life on earth just for fun or actually did good during our time here.

yes, it may be selfish to want people to remember you positively and pray for you.. i don't see anything wrong with that. but i'm not sure how u connect 'attachment' to 'selfishness'?