Saturday, January 14, 2006

The Distance

Are you laughing
While I cry?
Are you meeting people
While I say goodbye?

Is the sun shining?
Does it look like rain?
Can you feel my emptiness?
Can you sense my pain?

Are you laying in bed,
Dreaming your cares away?
While I rise to greet the sun,
And face another day?

Is the love we have,
Still in existance?
Or did we lose it all
Through the distance..?


LaiaLy_q8 said...

very very nice

did you write it ?

MSB said...

laialy: thanks.. yes

Hussa-G said...

Nicely done. Mashalah very good. Allah ehnesh.

MSB said...

thanx Hussa-G.. Allah ye5aleech :)

Baroque said...

sounds like a love ballad..
i like it!

7tenths said...

Yeah we lost it :P

KJB said...

Lak teslam le hal anamel el zahabia ele 3am toktob hal ash3aar ;)

MSB said...

7tenths: afa... laish 3ad?? GO STUDY! :|

kjb: welcome.. waiting on ur blog.. when r u gonna get around to it???

KJB said...

Me? Blog? MSB you didn't leave anything for me to write about :):):) j/k - soon inshallah - i'll keep you posted

pinkbling said...

nice poem!

DareDevil said...

Interesting post

MSB said...

kjb: 3an el 3ayarah!

pinkbling: teslemeen... thank u!

daredevil: thank u and welcome..

3atham Allah ajerkom ya sha3b el Kuwait



ZinZinQ8 said...

Very sweet MSB...

adaydreamer said...

nice... very nice.... allah ye5eth aldistance that makes ppl "forget" each other...... :(

MSB said...

charisma: sorry tawni mentabha ineh i never responded to ur comment! :| thank u o good luck on ur exams! :)

tantalize: yes to the last question?

zinzinq8: min thoqech.. waiting on part VII, VIII and IX ;)

adaydreamer: ee w'Allah!! bs i dont blame it on the distance.. :/

Q8Prodigy said...

very touching...

Baroque said...

ishda3wa ;)
anywayz is there a story behind this dramatic yet utterly romantic post?

hmmm.. care to share ? ;P

MSB said...

q8prodigy: thank u

charisma: sorry to disappoint u.. no story at all! :) just felt like writing..