Friday, January 13, 2006

How many...?

How many smiles have you smiled? How many tears have you cried? How many memories have you created? How many nights have you slept? How many moments have you relished? How many dreams have you made come true?

Do you measure your life by how many years since you were born, or by how many days you've actually lived?


LaiaLy_q8 said...

more than enough

Яeema said...


Temetwir said...

i measure my life by meeting expectations and achieving goals

that said, i'm in transition now .. has been going on since August 2004, and will continue until September 2005

i do it becoz i have to, i do it so i can answer all of those questions in detail :)

Hattorihanzo said...

Life.............................., is a BIG word, years count as a number, I think life is what you have done, doing and will do, who you were, are and will be. thats Life.

MSB said...

laialy: more than enough tears, smiles, days or years? I hope its full of smiles and joy!

reema: same thing, countless what? Hopefully few tears and many smiles..

temetwir: good luck.. ur more than halfway through.. ma buga shay! bil tawfeeg inshAllah.. o hope once the transition is over, u've reached another goal!

hattorihanzo: yes, it's a very big word. and i agree. some people live 60 years and yet they never really lived. some only live a short number of years, yet achieve so much during that time, it's as if they've lived an eternity!

Allah ewafig el jamee3.. may you live many days, share many smiles, create amazing memories, and leave behind a legacy that will outshine all else.

7tenths said...

Very valid point :P I feel this whole temporal thing is over-rated, time is actually a relative concept in my opinion.. I mean sure we all share a world to which the same clock ticks at the same speed, but depending on the situation we're in, time may fly by or pass as slow as a snail.. So in my opinion those who enjoy life live relatively shorter lives in comparison to those who find themselves bored alot of the time ;) I measure my life by both number of years lived, & experiences.. experienced! :P

MSB said...

7tenths: i supposed it feels like those who live fulfilling lives live shorter cuz time flies when ur having fun! experience away my child, experience away! :)