Wednesday, January 11, 2006

يا قمر

ليش يا قمر.. فرق الزمان بيننا و سرق منا الحنان؟
ليش يا قمر.. حبيبي إبتعد و تركني في دنيا مالها أمان؟
ليش يا قمر.. أنا وحيد أيامي ما إلتمت حوالي غير الأحزان؟
ليش يا قمر.. خليتني بهالدنيا عليل و تركت دموعي تمسح من على قلبي دمي السيلان؟
حياتي.. ما صار لها معنى أنا جسد بلا روح متروك لغدر الزمان
إنكتب لي أعيش بعذاب وحيد.. محروم.. و ولهان

ليش يا قمر.. وين راح الامل وين راح و تركني حيران؟
ليش يا قمر.. قلبي إبتعد ما ترك لي غير ذكريات الزمان؟
ذكريات ما لي غيرها هي دم جسدي العطشان
بها باواصل المشوار على أمل يرجع لي الحنان
ليش يا قمر.. ما اقدر أوصل لك و ألقى عندك ألامان؟
هذا حالي و ما أرجوا منك يا قمر غير إنك تخرجني من دنيا الحرمان
من دنيا ما أقدر أعيش بها دونك.. يا بئر يروي ظمأي, أنا عطشان


between a dream and reality said...

nice words yet filled with sadness...parting from loved is never easy..bss il wa7d ma yadri ween il 5air feeh...

LaiaLy_q8 said...

el gomar 9a3ab :)

Jelly Belly said...

9a7 ilsanich 7abebty o insllah tet7agag a7lamich :*

MSB said...

thank u :)

just for clarification: this was written on July 27th, 1990.. so, 16 years ago almost! it wasn't a reflection of a failed relationship or anything of the sort.. merely what it feels like to be away from someone dear to u (whether it be a parent, sibling, friend, spouse, etc..)

Temetwir said...

almost 16yrs ago?
that's almost ancient!

sa7 ilsanech

MSB said...

sa7 badanek... u calling me ancient??? :)

i used to write A LOT ayam el madresa.. but then i got busy with college, work, etc and i stopped writing as much.. trying to pick it back up now.

egooly ancient!! :| yala, 3al aqal it's almost ancient.. not quite there yet.


ZinZinQ8 said...

I like the word "3a6shan" I think it's the perfect word to describe a blend of loss and longing.

Dalalism said...

i like the poem bas SAD :(

I hope u r not Sad ,,,no reason to be continues dayman kon 3ala yageeen ala yaktib ele e9eerlik la2ana il a7san lik :X

alla e7afthik Bro :X

MSB said...

zinzin:: thanks.. i agree, it's a very expressive word!

dalalism: la i'm not sad.. like i said earlier, this poem was written 16 yrs ago and it's merely a description of a feeling/situation.. not something i was actually experiencing at the time.

Allah ya7feth el jamee3..

KJB said...

wala ma darait tektebeen ash3aar ba3ad :p

MSB said...

kjb: that's prolly cuz i started writing before u were born ;)

KJB said...

You started writing before i was born??? boo ya3nee cham 3omrich a7een? :p