Tuesday, February 14, 2006


The trip was amazing, overall. The below pic was taken Wed (8-Feb-06) afternoon:

Al7mdla, It didn't take long to complete el 3omra. The next couple days were a different story. This picture was taken Thurs night (10-Feb-06):

Friday, there was barely room to walk, especially prayer time; it was packed full! It was simply amazing seeing the thousands of people there to pray.

Unfortunately, during fajr prayer on Friday, as we're praying, this one lady starts screaming her head off. No clue what the problem was or who she was screaming at, but it made it difficult for most people to concentrate on their prayer! Why would anyone do this fee bait Allah, I will never understand.

Of course, that's not taking into consideration people who bring their young kids who start running around once prayer starts and throwing Quran on the ground!!! Or, while I'm sitting in front of el Ka3ba trying to concentrate on reading el-Quran, waiting on el sherooq, a couple girls sit behind me, start talking in English about this other girl they know, the skirt she was wearing, and one of them commented saying 'Can you believe what she was wearing? I mean, what the hell?!'... then they sat there for several minutes gossiping loudly, while i just proceeded to zone them out and concentrate on reading.

There were many incidents that REALLY tested my patience and my respect to the place I was in. Luckily, I managed to keep my mouth shut and continued to focus on the main reason i was there!

All in all, very peaceful, purifying, and fulfilling, al7mdla


Temetwir said...

tagabal allah a3malech .. ana laazim anthirr eny aro7 el 3omra when i graduate.. menha tawfeeg mn rab il3alimeen o 3alashan alzim nafsi bel rou7a!

MSB said...

A3malna o A3malkom inshAllah... thanks.. yeah i think that's a good idea! it's a win/win situation!! Biltawfeeg inshAllah..

Hussa-G said...

3omrah maghbolah. Wtghab allah 6a3tech.

Mashalah 3alech. If I was in that situation I would freak out. I can't stand disrespect.
I can't stand not saying anything if I see something wrong. Mashalah.
I am so happy you closed your mouth.

LaiaLy_q8 said...

mashallaah very nice picture
o tagabal Allah a3malich :)

Abu-Joori said...

Masha Allah ...
the pic u took on the 8th shows that not many ppl were their while u performed 3omrah !

It is a while for me to do 3omrah .. while it shall be easier for me .. but inshaAllah soon ya rab.

MSB said...

hussa: yetqabal Allah a3malna o a3malkom inshAllah.... I wanted to respond to them, but u have to consider ur in bait Allah.. 2 wrongs dont make a right... fa i kept my mouth shut.

laialy: thank u.. Taqabal Allah mina wa minkom..

abu-joori: long time no see!!! yes, during the week it's very light.. not many people there.. u should go!! (i didnt realize u started ur own blog! u never told me!! will check it out...) my regards to um-joori and the beautiful princess herself! :)

Delicately Realistic said...

Taqabal Allah 6a3tich :)
Great pics...really.

MSB said...

DR: Teslemeen.. Taqabal Allah minna wa minkom. Thanks, I was nervous taking the pics; was waiting to get yelled at!! :)