Thursday, February 23, 2006

New Post

The doc has advised me that it's time for a new post. So what do people do when they can't think of anything to write about? They ask questions!! Until I find a new topic (or someone kindly makes an interesting suggestion), here are two questions for you:

1. What's one of the most important lessons you've learned in life?

2. What characteristic can you NOT stand/tolerate in people?


Faith said...

Hmm..interesting questions

Most important lesson: actually its more of advise..but someone once told me "In the end, all you have is yourself, take care of you, nourish you, and love you" <--and its true

What I cant tolerate in people: hypocrites, AAAH they drive me insane. Also, I cant stand people who crave attention AT ALL times. I know what you're thinking, no one does. But oh yeah, some people do. Like one person I know..she cant possibly be in a conversation if the topic is not her, and she'll whine and complain until the topic is here..pathetic eh?

MSB said...

faith: hala faith..

lesson learned: very good lesson and i agree 100%.. one thing i always say is that the one person who will always be there by ur side is urself. so trust in urself & take care of urself. of course, that said, i by no way mean that one should be selfish! :) but whoever told u that line, is a very wise person.

people: yes, hypocrites are all over the place, lil asaf. those who preach but dont take time to look in the mirror first. i guess this goes with ur lesson learned. if ur going to love urself, then u might as well fix urself up before trying to fix the world.

Allah ewafgech inshAllah!

Temetwir said...

im glad u said "one of the most important lessons" lena any other phrasing of the question wouldve been unrealistic

1. a lesson ive learned:
عندك فلس, تسوى فلس

(i would have said 'lo tis3a sa3ye il we7osh gair rezgik ma te7oush' but that's been taken care of heh)

2. characteristic in ppl i cant stand/tolerate:
un-believing the lesson above, and would rather think that "love" (lovey dovey, not family) or "a degree" is a valid replacement for "fils" above

MSB said...

temetwir: interesting.. care to elaborate shway on #1? i just want to make sure i understood ur point correctly.. as for the other phrase 'lo tis3a sa3ye il we7osh', nas malgoofa.. ma ta36ee el wa7d forsa egool shay!! :)

in life, u have realists and those who live in a fantasy world. realistically, 1 + 1 = 2. in a fantasy world, 1 + 1 = 11!! love, i wont comment on.. as for the degree, it may provide u with a few things, but it's not the answer to all in life. many people without degrees or any sort of formal education at all, are worth a million times more than some with many degrees under their belt. but that's another story all together!

Temetwir said...

MSB degrees, to me personally, are a tool and nothing more .. i may not believe in it nor interested in what it represents, but i do recognize, and respect, its 'ability' to make one reach places
i dont think it has anything to do with being smart, or dedicated, or serious or any of that fed nonesense we hear from those who regard education to be a gateway for knowledge
therefore i dont 'think anything' of specific majors per se, but rather, what doors a specific major opens in a given time and place

^ that is also a lesson ive learned if u wish to count it as one

now, elaborating on عندك فلس, تسوى فلس
it means exactly that: "honor's in the dolla" -roughly paraphrased of course-

ppl who fail to recognize the 'importance' of money disappoint me .. yes, we all can agree that religion, health, family, and all that is 'important too' .. but that doesnt make 'making money' any less important .. in fact, the way i see it, it should motivate it

7athretich, being Miss MBA, i hope, will agree :P

MSB said...

temetwir: couldnt agree with u more. tadry, when i was a little girl i believed in the power of education and how wonderful it is, etc.. the older i got, the more experience i had in life, the more i realized it's merely a tool.

I went for my mba because work was paying for it and because i knew it would open up doors for me which i needed to be opened at the time. not necessarily because of what i learned, but because those three letters are now on my CV, suddenly "i'm worth more" in the working world!

(i say this with all confidence because i've seen people with many letters behind their name, and they're still clueless!! their education taught them nothing.)

there's an end.. and there's a means to getting to that end (wainek ya Machiavelli!). my mba has so far served its purpose. would i go for a phd, no. it'll waste more time than i'm willing to give and it will add zero value to me.

Temetwir said...

MSB yup yuppp.. i hear u on the phd thing
everytime i talk to someone and they know im doing my masters theyd say "ee o inshala el dektorah mara wa7da"

the way i see it, id be wasting 3-4 yrs doing something which really doesnt interest me, and more importantly does not add to who i am (except the social 'dr' title?) when i could literally 'invest in them' .. as opposed to 'invest my time in them'

however im still leaving the option of pursuing an MBA (especially since it can be done in kuwait), but im neither too keen, nor THAT interested anymore especially since there is 'talk' abt some (very good) changes in my workplace inshalla

u said it best: THERE'S AN END, AND THERE ARE MEANS TO GETTING THAT END .. if only more ppl knew.. if only more ppl knew :)

MSB said...

bil thab6.. laish spend that much time on something ma ra7 ekoon worth what ur giving up for it?

KJB said...

The above are the same reasons i try to explain to some people for not wanting to do a Phd - but they just don't get it. Like temetwir said as soon as ppl here u'r doing ur masters - 3oqbal ma you add Dr. before your name :s

Lessons learned- mafee shay e'9el 3ala 7ala. We study and study and study and work and set goals, ambitions, aspirations and within a blink it's all gone; yesterday i got the news that one of my professors in undergrad died in a car accident. It was so shocking and painful. He was in his early 40s - 2 kids less than 10 years old. What's ironic is he just got back from the UK few months back - with what?? with a Phd!! talk about it not adding much value :(

What i can't tolerate- people who expose their flaws so openly and are so oblivious to them!

MSB said...

kjb: wow, i'm sorry to hear such sad news. Allah Yer7ameh.

For everyone else reading this: I would just like to make it clear that I'm not against people getting their Phd's. Each person has their own reasons and justifications. More power to them. But I'm just saying that for me, it doesn't bare any value. O itha el mawthoo3 3ala kelmat Doctora MSB, mo meshkila.. I'll get my friends to call me that from now on o enteha el mawthoo3! ;)

Good point on the people who expose their flaws and are clueless. Know what I can't tolerate in people? People who are so self centered, they believe the world revolves around them!

KJB said...

I agree with u MSB on the Phd thing-not sure if i gave that impression as well in my previous post but that wasn't what i was trying to say. U'r right it does add power. My point was that it's not a matter of getting it or not- more of a matter of what one wants to do with it.

June said...

First of all, hi darling! I haven't been commenting much because I either say most of what I have to say in person or I can't commit myself to an opinion enough to put it in writing. Geminis change their mind continuously (you should know, being one yourself!).

Most important lesson learned is that everything passes, everything ends. The good, the bad, the ugly; everything comes to an end and the sooner we start accepting that, the more at peace we become. I speak from experience (obviously) and this is the one thing I know for sure.

Most intolerable characteristic would have to be whining. Granted I do it myself sometimes but some people really push it (example from work, "Where's my screeeeen? Where's the dataaaa I have to seeee? What do you mean I have to paaaay?") Oh and freeloading ("Can I get a free trial for oh about a million months???" and the guy is getting fired tomorrow).

MSB said...

June: AKHEEERAN!! welcome welcome.. khallas, now that u've finally left ur mark, u have to comment min el yom o raye7! ur opinion is always welcome.

very very important lesson. i'll remember that next time we speak ;)

as for people who whine, i hear u on that one! got lots of those at work. i gotta change my job!!

ZinZinQ8 said...

Betrayal. Can never tolerate it.

Amy said...

Lesson: Life is short, so have fun!! Carpe Diem.

Characteristic I can't stand: Closed-mindedness...people who can't see beyond themselves.

MSB said...

Zinzin: One of the most horrible feelings.. when someone close to u betrays ur trust! Yes!! Do u think some people have that trait in them, or is it a certain scenario/situation that makes them behave in that manner?

Amy: Seize the Day.. and if u have to climb mountains or go white water rafting, more power to ya? ;) I'll leave those things for u, and I'll just watch them on tv and see ur website updates.. HUH! WEBSITE UPDATES (where r they?!?!) :)

As for ppl who can't see beyond themselves, WAY too many of those around.. perhaps u can take them on one of ur hiking trips and let's say umm, an 'accident' occurs?! :|