Sunday, February 19, 2006

Procrastination Rocks!

I had a test on Thursday. One I was by no means prepared for. One I should've taken a long time ago, but kept procrastinating. It was finally time.

What test, you ask? A physical assessment test. Yes, I decided to ASSESS how fit I was, like I needed an official opinion?!

I feel like I've spent the last million years running. Work, studies, family and social committments, etc. It was finally time to step back and take care of myself. Enough is enough.

I looked at the lady and said 'let me make it easy for you, I'm going to fail this test.' She laughed and said 'I hear that a lot.' Poor thing, little did she know what she was getting herself into.

The good news is: my blood pressure is excellent, my height perfect, and my endurance is good. The other stuff, none of your business! :@

Why am I posting this? To document my progress. Hopefully this will add enough pressure on me to actually make a change finally. Wish me luck! My gym bag's in the car and tomorrow's another day.

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can......


Dr.Lost said...

SHOTGUN!!!!!!!! ;p

hehe i like the part where u said "ïll make this easy on u, im gonna fail.." ;)

keep up the good work :)

MSB said...

dr.lost: akheeran sharaftna! :)

shasawee feeha, gabl ma teftha7ny lazim i acknowledge it.. el e3teraf bil thanb fatheela.. figured i could handle it better coming from me, than her! miss 'i used to be a model for commercials in my country'.. ay shay!

thanx.. will do.. hopefully the results will be positive.. :)

Hussa-G said...

Go for it girl. It’s a better life style than being lazy. Going to the gym will ease your stress from your life and make you relax more.

Good luck and keep up the good work.

KJB said...

GO GO GO Go !!
Gym bag in the car and all set huh? Like that.
Well i'll tell you what i think next time i see you for real ;)

MSB said...

hussa: i'm trying.. bs refaq el so2 wayed! bs NO NO NO TO TEMPTATION! :)

kjb: oho.. forgot that some ppl out there actually know me and can judge.. i could easily make stuff up for the general public!! ifft... zain zain, take ur time before coming back, k?? ;)

7tenths said...

Hehehe, kudos on the good work ;) Yalla see you at gym ;P

KJB said...

Don't worry - i think with less procrastination and a lot of motivation and hard work, 100 days or so should be sufficient to show some improvements - do you need more time? :p

Amy said...

You can do it--you are the little Boilermaker Express that could! :) Good for you. I'm in the same boat (went to Doc, got some news about needing to eat healthier), so we can suffer (I mean progress) together.

MSB said...

7tenths: at the gym or mamsha?! :| well, in a couple weeks if u feel this bird flying by u, it's not superman, it'll be ME! :)

kjb: oho, int fathe7na fathe7na!! why do u need to tell ppl how many days i have?!?!?!?! :@ i need to put out a gag order on u!

AMYYYYYYY: miss u :( how's fred?? ;) u know what the prob is? boilermakers start off well, but then they choke! :|

eat healthier?? u mean those ding dongs my mom brought back aren't healthy?! :O

LaiaLy_q8 said...

good luck babe ;)

MSB said...

laialy: thanks :)

Faith said...

MSB- Good luck hun :D Im actually doing the same thing, i wiped the dust off my home gym about a week ago..and so far so good, so maybe we can help eachother out :D
Like you said, since i started uni its been insane running around no time for anything type of deal, and out of nowhere i decided enough is enough...i love working out, while..not during, but the feeling after. Its a stress reliver and i feel like im accompolishing something.
Keep it up :-) I'll be checkin with ya!

Dr.Lost said...

think its time for a new post :)

MSB said...

dr.lost: but i dont have a new topic.. next time, provide a topic and i'll write.. zain, i'll make something up :P (bs la etgool 7ag a7ad!)