Monday, February 27, 2006

Balwa Tooth Prowlers

Seriously, what is the deal with Blue Tooth?! Amazing how we've managed to take technology to a whole new level... a level probably not even thought of when this tool was invented! Leave it up to us to take an advancement and somehow alter it to fit the "flirting" needs of society.

Allow me to describe what now has become a "normal situation":
  1. The Prowler turns on their blue tooth the minute they walk into a restaurant/coffee shop, to scan all the blue tooth nicknames available

  2. Prowler then proceeds to scan the area for potential victims until one is spotted

  3. The search then commences: Prowler proceeds to randomly send a blue tooth message until he/she sees the Victim's phone flash: EUREKA! Victim has been tagged.

  4. Communication commences. If victim does not take the bate, Prowler continues the search.
Honestly, do they think they're being subtle? Do they think people can't see the whole thing? They might as well just walk up to each other and start talking.

Ahh, but the best thing is when girls start complaining that 'guys won't leave them alone and stop sending them blue tooth messages.' Hey, girls, TURN OFF YOUR BLUE TOOTH!

Ok, I'm done venting.


ZinZinQ8 said...

Girls should turn off their blue tooth anyway! You know what I heard, and any tech geeks around please do correct me if I'm wrong, I heard that if your bluetooth is on someone can hack into your phone and download all your pictures!

Faith said...

Goood point..instead of trying to be cute about it, just turn it off!

i second zinzinq's question...can people hack your cell through blue tooth? mines always off either way because i dont see a point of leaving it on, but its good to know

MSB said...

ZinZin: Yes, they can hack into ur phone, download ur address book, retrieve ur pics, the whole 9 yards! Heck, Paris Hilton had her phone hacked into and her address book posted on the net!

Faith: yes, see my response to ZinZin. I leave mine off all the time. Only turn it on when a friend/family member is going to send me something, then it's back off!

Kthekuwaiti said...

1. What if the girls want to talk to people using bluetooth. Many view males as the predator in our society, and sometimes its the women that actually are.

2. As for the stolen phonebook/pictures; you can hack into phones using bluetooth HOWEVER, it only affects the older generation of phones (not really something to lose sleep over):
- Motorola V80
- Motorola V800
- Nokia 6310i
- Nokia 7650
- Nokia 8910i
- Ericsson T39
- Ericsson R520m
- Ericsson T68
- Siemens S55
- Siemens SX1
- Sony Ericsson T68i
- Sony Ericsson T610
- Sony Ericsson T630
- Sony Ericsson Z600
- Sony Ericsson Z1010

MSB said...

kthekuwaiti: welcome..

1. I never viewed males as the sole predators. I know there r women who r the instigators. that's why my scenario wasn't gender specific. however, that last comment was aimed at girls cuz they're the ones who usually complain about it. men just turn their blue tooth off if they're not interested or reject incoming messages! :)

2. good to know. thanx.

KJB said...

I'm a guy and i never turn my blue tooth on unless like MSB said if a friend or a family member wants to send something and then i turn it off again.
Bas uf uf 3ala el banat - ma adrak ma el banat. Ok ok don't eat my head- when this technology was first unleashed it was guys who were mostly the prowlers bas now el banat- 7adeth wala 7araj :p
But i agree with what you said MSB- if u ask me it's pathetic

Temetwir said...

never used it up until the ancient-mind of mine discovered that u can get the bluetooth thing for ur desktop pc and send to ur phone
thats when i converted a number of the F1 or WOT clips into mp3s and had ringtones/msg alerts of diff exhaust notes .. good times

i thought habbaw bel text for a few months o khalas,, ru sure 'they' still do it?

MSB said...

kjb: yeah, it works both ways now.. it's not just guys finding girls on blue tooth.

temetwir: lil asaf, yes i'm sure.. the night i wrote the post, i'd just gotten back from dinner where 4 guys in a table across from us spent the WHOLE time they were there scrolling through and looking around to see who they 'caught' with the messages they sent. likewise, i've seen girls do the same. (this doesnt just apply to bahrain. last couple times i went to kuwait, u see the same thing there.. willee etha7k, they think that no one 'SEES' it.. but it's so clear, there's no disgusing it.) sorry, bs nas fathya.


Although it has its disadvantages, it probably possesses more advantages for people in our societies. At least they are trying to be more individualistic rather than egalitarian. They have a choice now. We need to see more of that in different forms so that later on people would naturally walk up to others and normally talk in public without needing to feel awkward or displaced.

Women seek it. Men plead for it.

MSB said...

tantalize: i see them as more 'generalistic' than individualistic. it's a random drive-by shooting. regardless, in my opinion, this whole scene is insanely .. well, insanely insane! that's the only word i can find for it.

then again, i guess those who have their blue tooth on actually WANT this.. whether they complain about it or not. magool ghair, la 7awl wala qowat illa b'Allah!


Ok you got me there with your rendition of "generalistic." But wouldn't it be equally insane to sit back and do nothing when people are interested in one another? Just watching from a distance and wondering "what if..."

Don't many of us bloggers do something analogous? We advertise ourselves through our words in hope of finding some sort of connection. We eek out emotions and thoughts to perhaps be found out and validated; to also find chemistry, if you will. Would that be considered insane? Or, gorgeously sane? ;^)

MSB said...

people for years have found ways to show interest without having to resolve to blue-tooth. when u have to put in the effort, then ur actually interested in meeting the person, not just bored. blue tooth is so easy, it's just 'fun'. if those blue tooth junkies only send messages to those they're interested in, then perhaps i can see it the way u describe it. however, most blue tooth users send out many messages till someone (or more than 1) takes their bait.

as for ur comparison with bloggers, i dont find that the same. see, bloggers write down their ideas and thoughts. if others get interested, it's not random and it's not because of pure looks. it's mainly because of what that person portrays about themselves (however true or false) on their blog. however, i will agree with u that there are people who'll leave comments on many blogs going for the same random blue tooth effect.

again, allow me to add one thing, to each his/her own. blue tooth people can blue tooth away for eternity. makes no diff to me. my blue tooth is off. personally though, i find it completely and utterly desperate.

June said...

Hi darling! I'm here to pseudo-bluetooth your blog. Much as you hate them (and I should know because I was with you on the night you posted this post and saw the "predators" myself and heard your comments firsthand... aren't I special?) I have decided to join the flock and I will advertise here. Read my sad excuse for a blog please. Thank you. Oh and MSB kicks ass. Thank you.

MSB said...

my dear fellow gemini, june.. u can blue tooth me anytime!!! ;)