Monday, February 06, 2006

Weird? Me? Min Egool?!

Thanks to Hussa-G for this tag. Not sure why she hates me and is making me do this ;)

Like I said, I don't think people need a list to know about my weirdness (no moon walk islands! u know who u r!!) :@

Here goes:

1. If I need to get out of my car, for whatever reason, while it's still running, I have to roll down the window! I'm always fearful that somehow I'll get locked out while the car's running :|

2. I do my tea at work the exact same way every day. First two tea bags, then the sugar, followed by hot water. Stir. Remove and throw out 1 tea bag. Add milk (shway!). Stir until desired color. Remove second tea bag. Drink. It tastes different if I do it any other way! :/

3. I can't swim ... I can only swim with my head under water. The minute I pull my head up above water, I panic (could be attributed to me almost drowning twice when I was younger.)

4. I've mastered the skill of blocking people out. I can be sitting across from you while you yap yap yap away, and I hear absolutely nothing. It's like having my own mental mute button. This has worked wonders for me, especially if there are children around! :)

5. Though I'm female, I hate shopping! When my sister used to ask me to go shopping with her, I felt like she was punishing me! I've become a lot better now. However, I still cringe at the thought of going shopping with someone who loves shopping! I hate crowded places and how insane people get when they see a sale sign!

6. In complete contrast with the above, I love watching sports! I would actually prefer watching a football, soccer, or basketball game over shopping any day of the week and twice on Sunday!! SUPERBOWL TONIGHT!!! (not the team I wished to be there, but I'll have to stick to the AFC.. GO STEELERS!)


Temetwir said...

1. thats very smart
2. ah tea at work..
3. scary, tell us more perhaps?
4. can never do .. its not the same when talking to men i guess
5. again, a true woman
6. alone? (btw watch 'friday night lights' and 'road to glory' as well as 'coach carter' .. and .. remember the titans?)

MSB said...

3. when i was a kid, my aunt was playing with my sis & i, throwing one in the pool after the other. somehow, my lifesaver flew off and i ended up in the pool without it. i was under water for a while before my aunt had to jump in, fully clothed, after me. (there were some guys in the pool but were too far to get to me on time.)

second time was in california. we were at the beach and my sis and i were playing on the shore, waiting for the waves to come in. i HATE sea weed o i saw a bunch coming in the wave that was approaching. i panicked and went under. sis had to come after me and pull me out! :/

(mind u, i was probably around 5-6 during the first incident, about 7 for the second.)

4. sure u can.. it just takes practice. u can block ANYONE out. mouth moves, no voice! mmmm, nice!

6. yeah, alone or with people who like sports. mathalan, i was up at 4 this morning to watch the superbowl with 1 eye open, other eye shut. so i slept AND watched the game!!

coach carter/remember the titans: akeed i've seen both o loved them (we r the titans.. the mighty mighty titans!). the other 2 i'll check out. thanx!

Hussa-G said...

Good list. You think this is weird? Common nothing weird about you honey. You are a normal person.

I also hate shopping during the sale or crowded area.

Though I hate soccer match, to me seeing 22 grown men running after a ball is stupid. And foot ball is a violent sport, everyone shoving the other to score point. No thanks.

Honey I am telling you. You are not weird. You are normal. I am the weirdo.

Oh and by the way, you are tagged again. So are Temetwir. check my blog for detail.