Monday, March 20, 2006



KJB said...

الحسين دمعة لن تجف
الحسين أهة لن تصمت
الحسين صوت الحق يلامس كل ضمير
الحسين عنوان العدل يخاطب كل جيل
الحسين انشودة النصر على مر الزمن
عظم الله اجركم في هذة الذكرة الأليمة

Temetwir said...


hal sina hathy 7aas fee shay naaagiss .. 7asait feha mn ermothaan (approx 3 months into living here), at first i thought it was just the family or, well, the food bermothaan
but by the time it was mo7arram, istaw3abt ena it had to do a lot with the fact ena im not going to any of the lectures
not in ramathan, not in mo7aram and not today

MSB said...

kjb & temetwir: ma2joreen.. hopefully next year this time, u'll both be home for this. hathee el monasabat El Deeneyah el 3atheema are the times where u REALLY feel like ur missing out.. ma buga shay.. shedo 7ailkom o finish up.

amazing to see the coverage on tv.. Karbala is alive bil thekra.. they just announced on tv that el zowwar have reached around 6 million!!

Temetwir said...

ila golay inshala this time nxt yr rabna yafrejha o yarzegna el zeyara mara wa7da :)

MSB said...

temetwir: inshAllah!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Why do Shiites cut themselves across the head? I've read it recently in the newspaper, and some pictures to go a long with it. It's a bit strange.