Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Do You Have The Time?

How come there never seems to be enough 'time'?

When I was a student, I thought I didn't have enough time to get things done. When I started work I thought 'Man, I had it easy when I was in school! I had so much free time!'. When I started working AND studying at the same time, I thought 'I was such a baby back then!! If I can find time for both, that means I had so much free time before when I just had to deal with ONE!'

Now that I'm back to just working, I still don't have time!

The cycle continues while the excuses get more creative. There always seems to be a reason that's keeping us (me!) busy. My question is, why can't I find time?? Where is it hiding?!


Temetwir said...

il7amdelah i always find myself having more than enough time when it comes to school, bas of course theres a catch

take this "LIVE" example ..

i had 8 days to read 30 pages (not 30 pages as in a text book .. 30 pages as in lecture notes.. ya3ni wala shay)

that is to say: i do have more than enough time, i just dont seem to find ANY time when i would be interested in doing something towards school

ya3ni right now i should be reading some notes, i.e. i do have the time to do so, i just dont (the test is tomorrow, mind you, 10am, its now 1am .. wasup?)

so to answer ur question "how come there never seems to be enough time"
id have to say "how come there never seems to be ANY time that we're interested in doing X"

MSB said...

temetwir: akeed, that's one of the probs i have as well... it's called procrastination... and sub7an Allah, we only procrastinate things we wouldn't enjoy doing anyway! :)

i think part of my other prob is that i have too many friends.. which means, i dont always have enough time to keep in touch with all of them.. especially that i work long hours. fa every now and then i get a nice word lashing from friends who are annoyed that i'm not in touch or they dont see me! :/

June said...

It's usually left behind the sofa. Although sometimes I find it in my jeans pocket.

MSB said...

june: well no wonder i can't find it! send it over plz!!!

Dr.Lost said...

i never have enuf time for anything in life.. not even enuf 2 study, eat, nor watch tv and especially not enuf 2 sleep ;(

MSB said...

dr.lost: mashAllah 3laik.. the profession u chose, will just add to ur list, not reduce! :/ Allah Esa3dek!

Brava Valentia said...

oh ma gaad !! msb !! you hit a nerve !!

i don't have time !!!

MSB said...

MC: so what have u been doing? if u've got any tips, let me know! :)