Friday, March 03, 2006

Man Eater

She walked back from class. Her steps slow and clumsy. It was a warm and sunny summer day. She decided to walk through the other buildings and dorms to get to her own. Perhaps a glimpse of other people's lives is what she needed.

There wasn't much to see, until she stepped into the last dorm before her own. The minute she laid her foot into the lobby, she saw them in a distance. He was studying with his fiancée, and they both seemed peaceful and content. His hand on the back of her neck, stroking her hair gently, with his eyes focused on his text book.

Noticing movement, his eyes shot up from his book and met her own. She had a determined look, and suddenly, her steps were filled with confidence. She swayed, slowly; her eyes focused on the guy across the lobby.

He looked up again from his book, only to notice that her eyes were still fixated on him. Starting to feel a little curious and a little uncomfortable, he looked back at his book and tried to ignore the female walking towards him and his fiancée.

As she got closer, he decided to look up one last time in an attempt to understand what was happening. His eyes met hers. The corner of her lips barely curved up in a small hint of a smile. Her eyes seductfully locked onto his. That very moment, his fiancée looked up in time to catch this exchange.

As she walked out of the lobby and back out into the street, before the door shut behind her, she could hear the fiancée’s clumsy accusatory questions screamed behind her. She grinned and walked back to her dorm room, peaceful and content.


Temetwir said...


MSB said...

temetwir: :) so u think he's at fault?

Hussa-G said...

Man is man. Mako faydah. His fiancée should have stick around and faced that slut.

MSB said...

hussa: so u think he's the bad guy in this scenario as well? and i'm not sure what u meant by 'his fiancee should have stuck around'.. his fiancee was with him the whole time. it's the other girl who walked into the lobby and left.

Temetwir said...

msb its his fault becoz, lets be honest, if mystery-grl wasnt good looking he wouldnt have bothered to check if she was actually staring or anything of the sort..
i dont agree with 7issa though whe she says "men are men", becoz im sure she (and almost everyone) is talking from their perception (guided by certain factors) and not the reality of things

sure, 'mystery chick' is at fault .. ham wayed 3alaiha .. laken the guy shouldve known better AT LEAST when in the company of 'ahalah'

MSB said...

temetwir: interesting to hear this from a guy's perspective.

see, this is actually a true story. i heard it from the girl who walked into the lobby. she'd never seen the guy nor his fiancee before. but, she was bored & decided to experiment. she wanted 2 c how easy it would be to shake someone's trust in another.

her view on the situation: humans, by nature, r curious. she knew he'd look up to see why she looked at him as if she knew him. the fiancee, however, is a diff story. just based on the look exchange, she flipped out, thinking something was going on.

June said...

Fabulous story. A look is a look and to go around creating madness and mayhem over some stranger's glance is insane and irrational. As normal, red-blooded people, we are always in need of connection and affirmation. We check to see who's looking, we check to see if we are attractive, we squirm or revel under the gaze of a stranger. It's inevitable. It's human nature. No one here is mistaken. Very interesting story.

kharoofa said...

well, i dont think the guy is at fault, perhaps he is just curious by nature (irrespective if it was a girl or a guy walking towards him).

The girl had no reason to do wat she did, bored or not. Why purposely try something that may ultimately break up a relationship??

Having said that, the fiancée should have trusted her fiancé a bit more and may just enquire 'gently' as to who that is, and drop it at once when he gives her an explanation..

thats just my 2 cents anyway =)

June said...

If a relationship is going to get broken up because of some girl's glance then maybe it was a bullshit relationship to begin with.

Enough with the fake self-righteousness people.

MSB said...

kharoofa: the girl didnt know the couple, had no ulterior motive behind her actions, yet she managed to create a conflict. regardless of why she did it, i don't think the outcome was warranted.

i agree with ur second point. had the relationship not been flawed, then the girl wouldn't have been able to create this conflict between the couple to begin with.

june: i agree.

i think the bigger picture here is:

don't always judge a book by its cover. what u see isn't always what u get!

Temetwir said...

is it just me or is everyone BUT me dealing with this as "a relationship issue"

elzebda: mo kelwa7da gamat o khazetek tegom ent b salamtek terid tekhezha 3ala bona walla "la bas bachayek etha a3arfha wela la"

samewise, mo kelwa7ed tana7 bel bent teyee elbent etrage3 khifat`ha wetgol "ohwa ely beda yekhezny"

ham samewise.. lama wa7ed yekhiz wa7ed, aw wa7da tekhiz wa7da.. the "being stared" can just 'ignore'

sheghel wa7ed yegol "shfeek tekhiz", o wa7da tegol "na3am okhoy feek shay ga3ed et6ale3ni?" raa7at

anyway i just said if a man doesnt do that 'already', he should "AT LEAST [do so] when in the company of 'ahalah'"


MSB said...

temetwir: i think the reason i'm not looking at it the way u r, is cuz it doesnt seem to me like he was staring.. he seemed more confused wondering why he's being stared at. i think if i was in his shoes with the way he was being looked at, i'd think the other person knows me but i am just not paying attn..

interesting way of looking at it though.. !! i do see ur point of why he shouldnt have been looking regardless. now if only u can teach that to all men, we'd be a lot better off ;)

Faith said...

Interesting :)

Just a side note, in such situations it's pretty lame when people use the "men will be men" crap, no, you're mature, you should be smart enough to handle it properly.

Like Tem said, if you're with the wife, watch yourself...though you should watch your self even more closely when you're not.

The girl whos experimenting, what a pathetic experiment? (sorrrry msb if shes your friend!)
If something like this shakes a relationship, then that relationship should be reconsidered

Sever said...

Not good girl ;-)

Really, what did she want? :-/
Is it ok to stare so at people?
I don`t think...

"She grinned and walked back to her dorm room, peaceful and content"
Aha... so only after making someone feel worse she can start to feel better... yes?

Not good type of people, MSB :-/

MSB said...

faith: no sorry necessary. i'm not here to defend any party in this story. it's just interesting to see how diff ppl view the same situation. and yes, ppl should watch their actions not just when their 'fiancee/family' is/are around! :)

sever: welcome! :)

like i said to faith, i'm not here to defend any position. however, i'm glad u mentioned that line. that's a very important one in the story. if u recall in the beginning, the couple were sitting 'peaceful & content' and she was 'clumsily' walking.. by the end of the story, it was a role reversal..

this happens in real life. people shift their negative energy to others and take away their positive energy! that's something i definitely wanted ppl to see in this and something to be aware of in their daily lives. thanx for pointing it out! :)

June said...

MSB, regarding that shift of energy, read The Celestine Prophecy and it will explain it in depth. Very cool book saying that we are all on the brink of a spiritual revolution and that life is a constant energy shift.

Baroque said...

i hate her!

NicoleW said...

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MSB said...

charisma: i'm assuming ur talking about the girl who walked into the lobby!? :)

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